Author: Shyju Mathew

7 Lessons from 30 Warriors

When God raised David to do a mighty work, He surrounded him with 30 of the most powerful, toughest warriors who were known for their great victories. These Mighty Men teach us 7 valuable lessons on what our relationship ought to be with Jesus, as His followers

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Wallpaper: Cellphone vs. Host God

We have a category on this blog called Wallpapers. We did not get to update it for quite sometime now. I think it’s time for a cute wallpaper post. Objective – I love having wallpapers that motivate me to guard my heart and run after God. One of my biggest desires is to use my cellphone to the minimum. Some friends who recently saw a wallpaper design on my lock-screen asked for it. So I decided that I’ll share it here on GTH as well. The idea behind this design is to compare the little joy’s on our cellphone to a balloon that bursts easily...

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  • Pleasure to be back in India with @revivenations

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