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We are so glad you could visit us online. Our heart is to see God revive the people of God everywhere around the world. Jesus wants to restore the first love of His bride! Please take a minute to partner with us, and join us at a conference nearest to you. We hope that our blog posts bless you and help you grow in Jesus!


Pastors Shyju & Tiny


Pastor Shyju Mathew is a Jesus lover and revivalist who, God has used to inspire, and ignite the first love of Jesus in the hearts of many thousands of people all over the world. Now based in Montreal Canada, Pastor Shyju and Tiny oversee many churches and their heart’s desire is to see people, churches, and nations falling in love with Jesus – all over again. preaching. Together, they are blessed with two children, Kathryn and Moses.

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Guarding the heart blog in English is a blog with over 300,0000 views! It is now our joy to be able to translate it to your language. Pastor Shyju Mathew shares challenging blog posts to equip and empower believers to walk with Jesus. Take a minute to subscribe to it receive it in your email inbox.

Latest Post: When God Blocks Our Provision


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“Be inspired and ignited to walk with Jesus in your daily walk.”

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Dealing with Difficult Relationships in Church

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