25 Years

of Serving Jesus!

April, 2018, Montreal, Canada
Celebrating the grace, mercy and favour of the Lord over our ministry.


The 25th year anniversary of Revive Nations

Our Founder, Pastor Shyju Mathew started preaching at the tender age of seven. He began travelling for ministry from the age of eleven. After over two decades of serving Jesus, in 2013, “Shyju Mathew Ministries”, changed their ministry name to, Revive Nations, to reflect its global mandate to lead nations into a fresh encounter of the love of Jesus. Today, his wife Pastor Tiny along with Shyju, pastors a multinational church in Montreal. They oversee over 23 churches and lead a team of Jesus lovers, including pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets and apostles, with Revive Nations.





spiritual covering

100th city special!

Prophets Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa, operates as Pastors Shyju and Tiny Mathew’s spiritual parents, a great honour for Revive Nations and all her daughter churches.

God blessed Pastor Shyju with a special honour extended to him to preach at the church of his spiritual father, on the 25th anniversary of Revive Nations ministry, and in our 100th city!

Prophet Makandiwa has a global impact and operates in deep spiritual dimensions with his phenomenal prophetic and teaching ministry. His church hosts over 80,000 people in their services every Sunday.




watch the first few minutes up on the stage

Highlights from the sermon preached at UFIC

We like the God who promotes us, but we often ignore the truth that God is also the God over our valleys. It is in our valleys that He builds, moulds, strengthens and prepares us for the mountain top. God has hidden great gems in our valleys for those who don’t give into despair. Study more about that in these series of videos.


Resources for You


What next looks like

At the 25th year anniversary, Pastor Shyju shares personal and deep thoughts on what next looks like.

Listen Audio

Spiritual Covering

Understanding the concept of Spiritual father in our modern context and learn personal lessons from Pastor Shyju.

Watch Video

Podcast on Success

Interview by Pastor Priji on what Pastor Shyju understands success to be from God’s perspective. Don’t miss!

Learn More

Don’t despise the valley, God will do transformative work in your life there.  You are simply passing through the valley, it is not your destination. Learn whatever you need to learn in this season. Praise God through it and look forward to your mountain top.

Shyju mathew


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