We are excited to add this new category to GTH. Once a month we want to keep you up-to date by bringing you important news snippets happening in the Kingdom. Thanks to Blessen Varghese, an ex-journalist of The Times of India, who is now working as a content editor with an IT firm in Mumbai, who is joining us on GTH editors board. 

Restoration of My Family Has Begun: Benny Hinn

Evangelist Benny Hinn announced in his website that the restoration of his family life with his ex-wife Suzanne has begun. While the announcement doesn’t get into details, he shares that both Suzanne and him, along with the rest of the family celebrated Christmas together. It was in February 2010 that Hinn received a divorce notice from Suzanne. This news of restoration is an answered prayer for countless who have stood by Hinn in these tough times. Click here to read more on the restoration. You can read Hinn’s announcement here, and here’s the restoration video.

Spark of Revival in Cuba as 10000 Gather to Worship

cuba revival
About 10,000 people gathered together to worship the Almighty in the communist nation of Cuba, in what many are called beginning of a revival.

An evangelistic meeting organized by Bright Hope church’s partners in Cuba drew crowds that overflowed the large public square there to hear the gospel.

Click here to read more on what could become a well-known revival.

Thirty Days of Prayer Movement for War-Ravaged Nigeria

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has launched 30 days of prayer for Nigeria in response to calls for prayer from Nigerian Christians. This world-wide call for prayer comes in the wake of terrorist threats from the insurgent group Boko Haram that claims to have around 300 suicide bombers ready to attack churches and plans to make June “the bloodiest month yet,” according to media reports. Click here to read more.

Pakistani’s Christian Politician Almost Loses Job

Rana Asif Mahmood, a Pakistani politician, almost lost his job because of a rigid system of prohibiting Muslims from changing their religion status on their National ID card. Mahmood is a born Christian, but the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) wrongly identified him as a Muslim, and refused to rectify the error. Mahmood’s political opponents sought to disqualify him from the Punjab Provincial Assembly seat which was reserved for minorities. Read more of the story here.

‘Jesus’ Birthplace’ Voted as Endangered Heritage Site


UNESCO approved The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem as an endangered World Heritage site on June 28, 2012. With 13 members voting in favour of the proposal, the Church, what is believed by many as the birthplace of Jesus Christ, will now be granted a ‘protected’ status.

This popular tourism spot may not, however, be out of limits for the Holy Land tourists. For more, click here.

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