Christian Athletes Proclaim Christ at London Olympics


Many called London one of the greatest Olympics in recent memory, but for some athletes who represented their countries, it was all about glorifying their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Gabby Douglas, Allyson Felix and Sanya Richards from the US are just few who openly proclaimed their faith. All these three won gold medals at the Games. Here’s a bit more on them and other athletes who declared their love for Christ.

Christians in Nepal Struggle to Bury Their Dead

Despite Nepal’s 2006 proclamation to become a secular state rather than a Hindu kingdom, Christians in the state say they are still unable to bury their dead because of a lack of designated burial grounds. More often than not, Christians in Kathmandu have to travel with the dead bodies of their near and dear ones to far-off lands, often their native places, to bury the corpse. Apart from a lack of burial space, opposition also comes from locals who feel that the ‘dead will come back to haunt them’ if they’re buried in their village or town. Read more here.

88% of 137 Religious-Motivated Attacks Targeted Christians: Christian Association of Nigeria

An analysis of about 137 religious attacks in Nigeria revealed that more than 80% of those attacks were targeted at Christians. Quantitative data revealed that out of the 137 religious-motivated violent incidents tracked by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), 88.3% were attacks on Christians while 2.9% were attacks on Muslims, President of CAN Ayo Oritsejafor has said. Radical Islamist sect Boko Haram has been behind a majority of these attacks, who have vowed to make Nigeria an all-Islamic country while driving out all Christians. Click this link to read this story on a continuous attack on Christians in Nigeria.

Saudi Arabia Deports Christians Arrested During A Prayer Meeting

Saudi Arabia deported 35 Ethiopian Christians it had held in detention since December 2011. These Christians were arrested for holding a prayer meeting at the residence of one of the believers. Last of these detained Christians were deported back to their country on August 1, 2012. The police had raided the home when 29 women and six men were holding an all-night prayer vigil. The believers were charged with breaking a Saudi law barring men and women from meeting together in the same room. More on this here.

Iran Court Upholds Sentence of Six-Year Imprisonment of a Christian

An Iranian court of appeals upheld a six-year prison term imposed on Farshid Fat’hi for practicing Christianity. Christian activist and House Church organizer Fat’hi was sentenced to a six-year prison term, based on charges of “acting against national security through membership of the Christian organization Ilam, collection of funds and propaganda against the Islamic Regime by helping spread Christianity in the country.” Prayers have been requested for the quick release of Fat’hi. Click here to read more on this persecution.

Archeological Excavations Reveal Ruins That Reveals Iraqi Christians’ Glorious Past

Ruins of what is believed to be a church dating back about 1,700 years have been found in Iraq, bringing back memories of Christianity’s existence in Iraq in its nascent stage. The excavations have excited many scholars who believe that the site may be Hira, a legendary Arab Christian center. However, lack of funds may prove to be a dampener to learn and discover more about the roots of Christianity in Iraq. It can also be traced to the fact that the Christian population has decreased greatly in the last few years, says the U.S. State Department data. Click here to read more about the excavations.