Scholars Question the Authenticity of Papyrus Suggesting Jesus Had a Wife

Scholars recently questioned the much-publicized discovery by a Harvard scholar that a 4th century fragment of papyrus provided the first evidence that some early Christians believed Jesus was married. And experts in the illicit antiquities trade also wondered about the motive of the fragment’s anonymous owner, noting that the document’s value has likely increased amid the publicity of the still-unproven find. Read more on these revelations.

Nineteen Named in New Indictment for Christians’ Death In Turkey

Three Christians working in Turkey were martyred in 2007 on the orders of members of the military who wanted to disrupt society with violence to unseat the sitting government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to a new report that cites a 761-page indictment of 19 people for the crimes. Read here for more on this story from Turkey.

Christianity Grows in Afghanistan, Despite Threats

The rate of growth of Christianity in Afghanistan has caused Afghani Muslim clerics to consider it a threat. Also according to reports by news services, Afghani Muslim clerics warned the country’s government against the spread of Christianity. The negative and suspicious view of Afghanis towards Christian activities has caused Christian groups and individuals, including Christians with an Islamic background, to be targeted in this war-torn country. Read more here.

Iranian Christian Convert Fears for His Life in USA

youcef-iran-christianAn Iranian Christian convert who’d recently granted asylum in the U.S. said that he still fears for his life from the Iranian regime. The man, whose name is being withheld, said he fears hardline Muslims could come after him, even in the U.S.  Because apostasy – renouncing Islam – is punishable by death, the man told he lives in fear. Click here for more on this story.

The TV Elite ‘Assume Christians are Lunatics’, Claims a Broadcaster

In an outspoken attack, Roger Bolton, a former presenter of the UK-based Radio 4’s Sunday programme, warned that those in charge of broadcasting suffered from a “suicidal” ignorance about religion. The BBC and other broadcasters are dominated by a “liberal secular elite” whose “default position” is to assume that Christians are “lunatics”, the broadcaster warned recently. More on this story in this link.