Christians Persecuted Throughout the World, Reports Telegraph

According to a leading English daily, The Telegraph, Christians all over the world have been undergoing persecution to a large extent. The article written by Rupert Shortt, the author of ‘Christianophobia: A Faith Under Attack’, says that the attacks on the Christian community across the globe has largely gone unnoticed by the western media, or has been “chronically under-reported.” Read the entire article here.

Christian Band Barlowgirl Retires

Christian sister trio Barlowgirl is retiring after nearly a decade of chart-topping success. Alyssa, Lauren and Rebecca Barlow released their final song, ‘Hope Will Lead Us On,’ on 30 October 2012. No reason was given for the decision to retire. A spokesman says, simply, “They’re ready for a new season.” In a statement, the sisters call their music career “one of the most incredible adventures.” Click here to read the article.

Massive Desert Prayer Gathering Draws Together Egypt’s Christians

A massive four-day national prayer event, expected to draw 50,000 people from all over Egypt, began on 26 October 2012, in the desert north of Cairo. This amazing prayer movement was also estimated to reach around 5 to 6 million viewers with television coverage. While more details of this gathering is awaited, a Christian contact in Egypt who was not identified but spoke with Open Doors, a nonprofit persecution watchdog, explained that the main theme of the event was to show to Egyptian people how Christ can change lives. Read more about the event here.

Christian Rock Enters Top 10 League

Christian rock

Christian rock bands have entered the top 10 league in the Billboard 200 charts. And it’s not just flash-in-the-pan entry! For three weeks in a row last month, the Billboard 200 included a Christian album debuting in the Top 10. Lecrae’s ‘Gravity’ entered at No. 3, and TobyMac’s ‘Eye on It’ did even better, soaring straight to No. 1 in its first week of release. Until TobyMac, a Christian album hadn’t debuted at No. 1 since 1997. Superstar acts like Justin Bieber and Adele still dominate the music business, but Christian rock has carved out a solid and increasingly lucrative niche. Read more about these chartbusting Christian artists here.

And here’s our monthly dose of strange news:

Russian Orthodox Christians Claim Apple’s Logo Blasphemous, Reports Cnet


Several conservative Orthodox Christians believes that famous tech-company Apple’s logo is ‘blasphemous.’ Cnet reporter Eric Mack reported extreme believers of Orthodox Christianity asserted Apple’s logo symbolizes the original sin of Adam and Eve in the Bible.

According to reports that circulated around, some Orthodox Christians covered up the logo and even replaced it with an image of cross. Click here to read more on this strange story.