Christians Killed in Sudan Bombing

In bombings done over the last two weeks, the Sudanese military has reportedly targeted non-Arab population in the Christian-dominated areas of Nuba Mountains. Sources said that at least three Christians were killed and two relief agency structured were destroyed in the attacks. Also in the casualty list was a Catholic church. Many Christians were also seriously injured in these attacks, which from the look of things seem to be with the consent of the state. For more on these attacks, click here.

Seven Egyptian Christians, Florida Pastor Sentenced to Death for Anti-Islam Film

Seven Egyptian Christians and a pastor from Florida in the US were sentenced to death on charges linked to an anti-Islam film that had sparked riots in parts of the Muslim world. The case was seen as largely symbolic because the defendants, most of whom live in the United States, are all outside Egypt and are thus unlikely to ever face the verdict. The charges were issued in September amid a wave of public outrage in Egypt over the amateur film, which was produced by an Egyptian-American Copt. Click here to read this story.

Most Britons Support Teaching of Christianity in School, Says Poll

Almost two-thirds of adults questioned by Oxford University in a survey said they support the teaching of Christianity in schools, and two-fifths said teaching about the faith needs more attention in religious education lessons. Oxford University asked 1,800 people whether they want the majority religion taught in schools, and the outcome shows that the majority, 64 percent, supports teaching Christianity to pupils to help them understand English history. Read more here.

Twelve Sentenced to Imprisonment for Attack on Christians in Orissa

Twelve people were sentenced to six years of imprisonment by a judge for their role in the mass violence against Christians in Orissa’s Kandhamal district in 2008. Many Christians were killed in these attacks. Many were rendered homeless, and many home churches were burnt down by violent mob. Besides the prison sentence, the men will also have to pay Rs. 5000 each n connection with arson, rioting and the torching of houses in Jarkinaju village on Aug 25, 2008. Click here to read more on this story.

Pakistani Girl Acquitted on Blasphemy Charges

Pakistan blasphemy girlA Pakistani court acquitted a Christian teenage girl who was accused of blasphemy against the Koran. Ramsha Masih, 14, was arrested in August after a Muslim cleric accused her of burning the Islamic holy book.

The cleric was later accused of fabricating evidence. Masih, who is reportedly mentally challenged, was exonerated for lack of evidence and all charges against her were dismissed. The case caused an international outcry over Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws. This content is courtesy of this CBN link. You can read more on this story here.