Saudi Police Arrest Workers for Practicing Christianity


The police from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia conducted a raid in a private residence in Dammam, interrupted a prayer meeting of 53 Ethiopian workers and arrested them for practicing Christianity. The Saudi authorities also charged three Christian leaders with seeking to convert Muslims to Christianity. More on this story here.

Christianity Continues to Grow in China Despite State Persecution

china-gwA new report from China Aid shows that the persecution of Christians, encouraged by Chinese state authorities, increased by 42% in 2012. Furthermore, there was a 125% increase in the number of sentencings. And yet, for all the draconian attempts of China’s monolith to contain Christianity, the faith continues to grow and thrive, as it did under previous historical attempts to nullify its enlargement. Excerpts taken from this news report.

Foreigners Arrested for Trying to Spread Christianity in Libya

Libyan officials arrested an Egyptian, a South African, a Korean and a Swede with a U.S. passport in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on suspicion of being Christian missionaries and printing books about Christianity. A security official was quoted as saying, “Proselytizing is forbidden in Libya. We are a 100 percent Muslim country, and this kind of action affects our national security.” Click here to read more.

Japanese Governors Want Christian Sites Added to World Heritage List

Two local governors are asking the Japanese central government to submit a list of Christian locations to UNESCO for World Heritage status – the first time Japan will honor Nagasaki’s Christian past in this way. And following a meeting between the Nagasaki and Kumamoto governors and culture minister Hakubun Shimomura last week, the government said it “will give due consideration to the proposal and welcomes more World Heritage sites in Japan.” Excerpts taken from this site.

Imprisoned Iranian Pastor Faces Death Due to Lack of Medical Assistance

Pastor Behnam Iran

Pastor Behnam Iran

Pastor Behnam Irani, who has been held in Iran’s Ghezal Hesar prison since 2006 for his Christian faith, has not been receiving proper medical treatment, which could result in his death, reported a human rights organisation. Over the past several months, the pastor, who previously led the Church of Iran in the city of Karaj in Alborz Province, has suffered from internal bleeding due to ulcers, complications with his colon, and declining vision.

Click here to read on the pastor’s health.

Matt Redman Wins Two Grammy Awards for ‘10000 Reasons’

matt-redmanMatt Redman led the pack of gospel music winners during the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Announced during the pre-telecast celebration of music, Redman’s wins include Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance and Best Contemporary Christian Music Song for ‘10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord).’ The latter of the two awards, Best Contemporary Christian Music Song, was shared with Israel Houghton in a surprising tie.

Houghton accepted the award on stage with Redman for “Your Presence Is Heaven.” Read more here.

Editors Note: As you can see, there have been quite a lot of persecutions happening around the world. While what you read here are just the ones that were ‘reported’, there are still many children of God who are silently suffering with no media to hear their voice! The point of highlighting reports of persecutions is to encourage you to pray for Christians worldwide, who are suffering for the sake of the gospel. May our good Lord give them strength to endure, and also, release them from the clutches of the authorities.