Benny Hinn Remarriage “A Miracle” Says Reinhard Bonnke and Jack Hayford

benny-suzanne-hinnBenny Hinn and Suzanne remarried on 3rd March 2013 after their high-profile divorce that kept them separate from 2011. It had then turned out to be one of the widely reported divorces, not just within Christian circles, but also in the secular media. The announcement of the restoration of their marriage, as covered by the first ever News Digest, came a relief and joy to many children of God around the world. Pastor Jack Hayford, Suzanne’s father Roy Harthern and Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke repeatedly termed the remarriage as a miracle.

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Incidents of Christian-Muslim Strife in Egypt on the Rise

Ever since the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was toppled in 2011, the hard-line Islamic groups have found it easy to attack the Christian minority in the country. Recently, a crowd of Egyptian Muslims angered by rumors a woman had converted to Christianity clashed with police on Friday outside the church where they believe she had taken shelter. Interestingly though, the woman was found a few days later, and officials revealed that she had not converted to Christianity, and “family and social reasons” were behind her disappearance. Read more here and here.

Former Feng Shui Master Tony Chan Embraces Christianity

tony-chanTony Chan, a former Feng Shui master, has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Chan was baptised at the Crossroad Community Baptist Church in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong, after changing his name from Tony to Peter to symbolise a new life.

He also turned his back on geomancy, describing it as the work of the devil. The turning point of his life came when his Christian driver Henry Tam quit and gave him a Bible.

He is, however, facing charges of forgery, which had come to light before he embraced Christianity. More on this story here.

‘Bible’ Miniseries Beats Zombies as Year’s Most-Watched Cable TV Show


The History Channel’s latest hit drew crowds of biblical proportions, with 13.1 million viewers tuning in Sunday (3rd March 2013) for the premiere of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s miniseries on the Bible. The two-hour episode, portraying Genesis and Exodus, was the most-watched and highest-rated show on TV that night and the most popular cable telecast of the year, beating out The Walking Dead on AMC, according to Nielsen. In its second week though, the Bible miniseries was placed the number two. Although, the series has been criticized, it was still an attempt to draw the “new generation back to the Bible.” Excerpts taken from this blog.

Doctor Who ‘Cured’ Baby With AIDS Guided by Prayer, Faith

Hannah-gayHannah Gay, a doctor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, made headlines last month for apparently curing a baby born with AIDS. Hannah Gay and her husband, Paul, worked as missionaries in Ethiopia for several years as the HIV epidemic hit in the ’80s, and when they returned, Gay started her extensive work to prevent transmission of HIV to newborns and treat children infected with the disease.

“Faith influences every area of her practice. Hannah ministers through everything she touches.

Her ministry is supported and guided by prayer,” said Paul Gay. More on this story on this blog.

Iran Puts Five Christians on Trial for Their Faith

Five Iranian Christian converts who were detained late last year reportedly began trial in Iran’s Revolutionary Court in March, according to a human rights group following the case. The five men were among seven arrested in October when security forces raided an underground house church in the city of Shiraz during a prayer session. They were to be tried at the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz’s Fars Province on charges of disturbing public order, evangelizing, threatening national security and engaging in Internet activity that threatens the government, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide, a religious persecution watchdog group. Excerpts taken from this link.