By Blessen Varghese.

Iran Hauls Off Christian Pastor, Shuts Down Church in New Sweep


Iran’s government agents shut down the largest Persian-language Pentecostal church on 27 May 2013, just one week after one of its pastors was arrested and hauled away midway through a worship service. The closing of Central Assemblies of God church in Tehran is the latest case of the Islamic Republic’s leadership cracking down on Christians ahead of the June 14 presidential election to replace President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Excerpts from this site.

Kindergartener Allowed to Perform Christian Song at School Talent Show After Lawyers Intervene

austin-strobergA six-year-old boy in California was allowed to perform a Christian song at his school’s talent show after Salt Creek Elementary School had requested him not to sing a religious song. A legal group stepped up in his defense and sent a letter to the school’s Principal showing that it was against the constitution to do so. The school administration decided to change its mind, and Austin was added to the talent show’s lineup, though the school clarified that it did not endorse or support the young boy’s choice of song. Click here to read more on this story.

Editor’s Note: This is just one among the many incidents in the US clearly showcasing that the living God, who was the foundation of the great nation, is now being replaced at every possible instance. Pray.

Taliban Kidnap a Young Christian Teen

Aman Ullah (second from left)

Aman Ullah (second from left)

A 16-year-old Christian convert from Islam, Aman Ullah, was kidnapped by the Taliban on 25 May 2013 in Peshawar, the heart of Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province near the Khyber Pass. The young kidnap victim had only come to Christ a year ago, but had already memorized the books of John and Ephesians in the Bible. “We don’t know which of the 32 different Taliban groups operating both in Afghanistan and Pakistan is responsible,” says John Taimoor, president of Messianic Muslims.

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Teachers Become Heroes for Students During the Tornado at Oklahoma

tornado-teacher-reunionDuring the recent tornado that devastated many parts of Oklahoma in US, they became real-life heroes to their students of Plaza Towers Elementary School.

The teachers covered themselves over the students in a bathroom as the tornado ravaged through the school, all the while praying to God to help them survive. Watch one such beautiful story of Rhonda Crosswhite, a teacher at the school, who risked her life to save her students.

And now, for the believe it or not story of the month…

Woman Finds Her Childhood Essay After 65 Years, in a Used Bible

woman-essay-bibleA 75-year-old US woman Marion Shurtleff says she discovered a childhood essay she had written tucked away inside a used Bible she recently purchased from a bookstore. “I thought a while that I’d like to have another Bible to compare with my Bible that I had to see how the verses changed,” she said. “I flipped through it. I liked it.” When she took it home, she noticed a yellowed folded letter inside. Two months went by before Shurtleff took a closer look and realized that it was her own essay she’d written as a child. To read (and see) more on this, click here.