By Blessen Varghese

Modern-Day Persecution in Western Europe?

Many incidents over the last few months in Western Europe seem to indicate that Christianity is facing a persecution of different sort in the region. Recently, the Girlguiding organization operating from UK changed its membership pledge from “love my God” to “to be true to myself and develop my beliefs.” On Aug 20, Barrie and Tony Dewitt-Barlow, a wealthy gay couple in the U.K., confirmed that they would be filing a lawsuit challenging the British government’s decision allowing some religious groups to opt-out of marrying same-sex couples. For more instances of this new-found dislike towards Christianity, click this link.

An Under-Construction Church Building in North India Brought Down [tweet this]

church-north-indiaA 1000-strong mob destroyed a church building which was under construction in Haryana, India on 25 August 2013.

The church, belonging to Gospel for Asia, built by believers themselves, was in its final stretch of construction with only the roof left to be installed.

Not only did the mob destroy the building, but also attacked the pastor, his mother and a few believers who had to go into hiding soon.

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Iranian Regime Intensifies Crackdown on Christians

Three Christians, Ebrahim Firouzi, Sevada Aghasar, and Masoud Mirzaei were arrested on 21 Aug 2013 and detained without charges. Plainclothes police officers raided Masoud’s office in Karaj, about 50 KM west of Tehran. Ebrahim and Sevada had gone to visit Masoud to say goodbye a few days before Ebrahim was to begin serving a one-year prison sentence. Ebrahim was sentenced on 15 July to one year in prison and two years in exile for “evangelism activities which are considered to be in opposition to the regime of the Republic Islamic of Iran.” Excerpts taken from this site. Meanwhile, Pastor Saeed Abedini who was arrested in Iran, has been suffering a lot of pain from internal injuries sustained from beatings in prison.

Botched Abortion Survivor Excels at High School Wrestling Despite Handicaps


Nik Hoot

Despite being maimed from birth due to a botched abortion attempt, a young man from northeastern Indiana is currently excelling at high school wrestling matches. Nik Hoot is the biological son of a couple from Russia.

However, his parents decided during the 1996 pregnancy that they did not want their child, and attempted to abort Nik at 24 weeks gestation. Miraculously, he survived the abortion procedure, but not without a price: he lacks full legs and his fingers are only partially formed.

Read the whole story here. Watch Nik Hoot’s inspiring video here.

Former Disney Star Promotes Her Christian Beliefs in Music and Film

AJ Michalka-disney-star

Former Disney star AJ Michalka

Former Disney star AJ Michalka released a music video titled ‘All I’ve Ever Needed,’ with the overarching theme of relying on Christ and not worldly accomplishments. The song accompanies the release of her newest film, ‘Grace Unplugged,’ which will hit theatres on 4 October 2013. In the movie, Michalka portrays Gracie Trey, a talented Christian teen who dreams of making a name for herself in the music industry. AJ is an American actress and musician, who used to model before she made the career switch to acting. She has acted in a few films and television shows, and ‘Grace Unplugged’ would be her first big-screen starring role. Click here to read the entire article.