By Blessen Varghese.

Gunmen Kill Four in a Christian Wedding in Cairo

In what has been a continuation of attacks on native Christians in Egypt, Gunmen shot dead at least four Egyptians outside a Coptic Christian church on the edge of Cairo on Sunday evening as worshippers left the building after a wedding. Two adults and two girls aged eight and 12 were killed, and many injured, after the gunmen sprayed bullets seemingly at random.


The shootings mark the latest sectarian attack on Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority, which makes up around 10% of Egypt’s population of 85 million. Copts were scapegoated by some Islamist hardliners for the July overthrow of ex-president Mohamed Morsi – over 40 churches were attacked following the brutal army-led clearance of two pro-Morsi protest camps in August. Click here to read more on this cowardly attack, and this link on what seems like a deliberate attempt at failing to protect the Christians in Egypt.

Despite Attacks, Syrian Christians Staying Back to Reach Out to Their Muslim Neighbours

Inspite of a targeted attack on Christians in Syria, many have decided to stay back and “answer God’s call” by reaching out to their Muslim neighbours. Syrian Christians have received little or no protection from the extremist attacks against them in the recent past. Yet, much of the Christian population have chosen to stay back in their country. “They realize that God’s using them and is helping them to reach out to the Muslim population,” said Emily Fuentes, PR & Communications Coordinator at Open Doors USA, a persecution watchdog group. Read more on this story here.

Hollywood Turning to the Bible for ‘Inspiration’


“The Bible” series aired on The History Channel

After the success of the Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s smash-hit “The Bible” series, some of Hollywood’s biggest directors are looking to tell the stories of some leading characters from the Bible. Noah, Moses, Jesus, Mary, Abel and Cain are some of the names doing the rounds in Los Angeles. The success of The Bible series and movies like the Passion of the Christ has made the top film industry aware of the kind of audience that these epics can bring. While this might be an effort to bring in profits and ensure success at the box-office, it could make for a good watch especially since the film-makers may “stick to the script (the Biblical text).” Click here to read more on this story.

Unprecedented Skull Discovery Raises Serious Questions Over Evolutionary Premises

Skull-evolutionThe discovery of an ancient human skull in the Asian country of Georgia has thrown the proverbial monkey wrench into the theory of human evolution. On October 18thScience Magazine published a journal article titled, ‘A Complete Skull from Dmanisi, Georgia, and the Evolutionary Biology of Early Homo.’ The article records the discovery of a human skull found in Dmanisi, Georgia, where numerous other ancient human remains have been discovered. The skull had been discovered in 2005; however, as explained in the journal article abstract, scientists have only recently determined the significance of the skull. Critics of evolution say this discovery lends support to the creationist model of human history, since the Bible outlines that all nations were “made of one blood” (Acts 17:26). Excerpts taken from this link.

Follow-up: Pastor Saeed Transferred to “An Even More Dangerous Prison”


Ps. Saeed Abedini

Last month, News Digest had reported that US President Barak Obama had personally asked for the release of Pastor Saeed Abedini.

It now seems things have taken turn for the worse as Iran has transferred Pastor Saeed from the brutal Evin Prison to Rajai Shahr Prison, known to be an “even more dangerous jail,” according to the American Center for Law and Justice. Click here to read more.

News Digest has been constantly tracking Pastor Saeed’s story, and many of our readers have been continuing to pray for his release. Abedini has been imprisoned in one of Iran’s toughest facilities for more than a year for his faith in Christ.