By Blessen Varghese.

Many Killed in Fresh Coordinated Attacks in Nigeria

Four Christian-dominated villages in the central Nigerian State of Plateau became the latest preys to attacks in the African country. About 40 people were reportedly killed in some well-coordinated attacks on these villages on 26 November 2013. Local sources contacted by World Watch Monitor report that the assailants, believed to be members of the Fulani tribe, came at around 2 AM on Tuesday morning, attacking the Berom communities in the villages of Katu Kapang, Daron, Tul and Rawuru. Read more here.

Christian Rapper’s Mix Tape Brings Gospel to Prisoners

Rapper MpfreeRapper Mpfree this week released a mix tape that features raps recorded by inmates in Scottish prisons. Titled ‘Writer’s Block’ the 19 tracks are being sent to 16 prisons in Scotland to inspire inmates with a positive God-centred message. In the first project of its kind, Marc Pawson, aka Mpfree, took equipment into Her Majesty’s Young Offenders (HMYO) Polmont prison to record inmates rapping about subjects including fatherhood, past regrets and positive change.  The 31-year-old rapper has spent the past two years developing his own brand of positive hip-hop that has bucked the trend in being given the green light to be played on prison radio stations. Read the rest of the story here.

Seven Year Old Boy Tortured and Killed for Being a Christian

anmolA 7-year-old boy from northern India who went missing on 17 November 2013 after attending his Sunday School near his home was found tortured and murdered. Anmol, whose body was found in a pool, had shocking injuries on him, which showed that he was tortured before he was killed. Anmol’s family has been a target for persecution since 2003, when his father, Harish, became a Christian after witnessing the miraculous healing of his older brother. Many other family members came to faith, and Harish was known to be “one of the strong believers” of the local church. His family has received multiple threats of violence and even death as a result of their beliefs. For more, click here.

Burning Man Runs Into Church; Kills Pastor and Himself

ocean-city-church-pantry-killingA man, who had caught fire, ran into a US church’s pantry section, in the process, killing himself and the pastor.  51-year-old Reverend David Dingwall, the pastor of St. Paul’s By-The-Sea Episcopal Church, died based on injuries sustained during the fire on 26 November 2013. Rev. Dingwall had rushed back to grab his computer, when he was caught in the smoke leading to his death. It cannot be verified if this was an attack or a mere accident. Click here to read more.

Coins Possibly Depicting Jesus Uncovered

Jesus coins illustrationIn what appears to be a “very significant” discovery of Art and Art History from the 1st century A.D., historian, historical archaeologist, and imaging inventor Dr. Ronald Stewart, Th.D., Ph.D., is stating that he has possibly uncovered hand-struck coins minted sometime between 33-47 A.D., which have images and depictions of Jesus Christ—many which correlate to well-known Biblical events, reports Dan Wooding, Founder of ASSIST Ministries.

Excerpts from this site.

Editor’s Note: While we cannot ascertain if these discoveries are authentic, yet, many recent archaeological findings have all pointed towards the genuineness of the Word of God

Follow-up: Pastor Saeed Abedini’s Family Visits Him in New Prison

The family of Pastor Saeed Abedini in Iran has finally been allowed to visit him in Rajai Shahr Prison, where he was abruptly transferred in October.  But the U.S. citizen is still being denied the medication that he needs. The update served as the first physical confirmation of Pastor Saeed’s condition and life since he was taken out of Evin Prison earlier this month and transferred to Rajai Shahr. The law group, which represents Abedini’s wife and two children in the U.S., noted that the pastor is being kept inside the violent criminal ward and is sharing a cell with other prisoners. Excerpts taken from this URL.