Students Rally Around Football Coach Ordered to Stop Leading His Team in Prayer


An American Football coach in North Carolina, USA was asked to stop leading his team in prayer after atheist activists accused him of violating the U.S. Constitution. The atheist group stated in a letter that the coach Hal Capps “frequently prays with football players at team events and encourages them to go to church and to become baptized.” However, despite the negative reactions, the students and residents have taken to twitter to show their support to the coach with #ISupportCapps hashtag. Click here to read more on the story.

Mass Grave Believed to Contain Bodies of Christian Martyrs Discovered in Rome

After an upturned brick led to the discovery of thousands of buried bodies in one of Rome’s ancient catacombs, scientists determined to solve the mystery behind the unusual discovery considered the possibility that the corpses might have been Christian victims of persecution. “Were these estimated 2,000 dead, among them men, women and young people, victims of intolerant Roman leaders, such as Nero who brutally targeted Christians, having some of them torn apart by wild animals or burned to death?” asks ‘Roman Catacomb Mystery’, an hour-long programme that was aired in the US last month. Click here for more on this.

Alaskan Evangelicals Converge on Sochi to Spread Gospel During Winter Olympics

Sochi Olympics_missionaryteamAn Alaskan-based missionary organisation, dedicated to outreach in Russia, collaborated with churches in the country to spread the Gospel to tourists and communities during the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. The ministry sent 40 volunteers to Russia to establish a number of “fun zone” hospitality centers in local church buildings. They will also go out into parks and other public venues to invite others to partake in their activities.

For more, read from this link.

Darlene Zschech Finishes First Round of Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

Darlene ZscechFormer Hillsong worship leader Darlene Zschech recently finished one of the five rounds of chemotherapy she must undergo for breast cancer. Amid losing hair and having emotional ups and downs, she’s being assured of God’s love, which is “one of the sweetest parts of the journey.” Slowly, but surely recovering from her illness, she said she has been using this time to write more songs and thoughts, which she’ll share “when I am on the other side of this mountain.” We look forward to those songs of healing after she is completely healed. Click here to read about Darlene’s fight with cancer.

Syrian Church Leaders Cry for Help

syriaChristians are being targeted by militants in war-torn Syria, say church leaders in the country. Syrian church leaders raised the warning during a visit to Washington DC in February. The leaders shared that more than 1,200 Christians were martyred in Syria in 2013 alone and that over 600,000 have fled the country. Many still remain in Syria where they are at risk of abduction and acts of violence, and struggling with the same hardships as the rest of the population. Excerpts taken from this link.

Kidnappers Target Christian Children in Egypt

Kerolas Adel Abdel-Malak, a 25-year-old Christian from Egypt, was on his way home from Minya City last week when he was kidnapped at gunpoint and later held for ransom.

Malak’s attack is the most recent in a long list of Christian kidnappings in Minya province in Upper Egypt, 125 miles south of Cairo. At least eight similar cases were reported in the last two weeks alone. Excerpts taken from this link.

Ex-Motorcycle Gang-Member Turns to Jesus to Save Him From Alcoholism

MikeMiller_exgangmemberAfter buying the legendary Harley-Davidson bike, Mike Miller’s desire to lead an exciting life went wayward after he fell in with a motorcycle gang who lived for alcohol and drugs and the crimes they committed to buy them. The cycle of addiction cost him his first family till he married again. His wife invited him to church, where he found freedom and peace in Christ. Here’s a link to the video to check out the amazing transformation of Mike Miller.

Editor’s Note: Apologies for the delay in coming out with the February issue of News Digest! I was away on an official trip during the days when the ND was to be published.
As for the February edition, I was really blessed to hear how Darlene Zschech has been keeping a hope-filled fight with cancer. Please do pray for her speedy recovery, as we look forward to many more worship songs from this anointed woman of God. That is one of the few positive stories we’ve covered for the month, as were the evangelism initiative at Sochi, and the students standing up for the coach. Yet, as a united church, we ought to pray for those who are suffering for sake of Christ.

News Update: 07/03/14 – 00:51

A Christian man was forced to convert to Islam in Syria, before he was brutally beheaded by extremists. The man, despite being forced to say the heretical creed, was deemed an infidel and killed.

We request to pray for many Christians in extremists countries across the world who face such threats every day.

Prayer points:

  • Pray the Jihadis will end their persecution against not just the Christians, but all religions
  • Pray for the peace, comfort and healing of the persecuted Christians all over the world.
  • Pray for all Christians in Syria.