10,000 Flee Christian Communities in Northern Iraq as Militants Take Control

iraqi christiansAbout 10,000 people fled from predominantly Christian communities in Qaraqosh, Iraq, a neighboring city to Mosul where members of the militant group, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have reportedly overrun and are now viciously attacking Christians who fail to pay a poll tax.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees report, “Community leaders say the residents of Qaraqosh fled by bus, car and taxi into northern Iraq’s Kurdistan region on Wednesday night.

Many are women and children.” Click here to read more on this story of persecution. Meanwhile, Iraqi Christians have requested sincere prayers from around the world for them through this video.

South Korea Urges Release of Its Missionary Sentenced to Life in North Korea

The South Korean government urged North Korea to release a South Korean missionary, Kim Jong Uk, who was sentenced to life with hard labor by a North Korean court last month. North Korea sentenced Kim to life with hard labor after convicting him of espionage and setting up an underground church. North Korea’s official KCNA news agency reported that the missionary had admitted his guilt at the court. Sourced from this website.

Former Strip Club Converting to Christian Community Centre

StripClub_NowChurchA strip club in Seattle, USA, which was known for its shady past due to prostitution, strippers and FBI stings is being transformed by church leaders into a Christian community center in an effort to expand their outreach ministry efforts.

Bethany Community Church is currently in the process of converting Sugars, the former strip club, into their central offices and making it a coffee shop as well, where they intend to serve the community year round.

Click here to read more on this incredible story.

550 Christian Girls Kidnapped and Forced to Convert in Egypt Since 2011: Reports

According to reports based on the study done by the Association of Victims of Abduction and Forced Disappearance (AVAFD), over 550 Egyptian Christian girls have been kidnapped by Muslim men before being forced to convert and marry them since 2011. The AVAFD also reports that these women are from the age group 14 to 40 and around 40 per cent of them are raped. Others are coerced by young Muslim men who first gain their trust, says AVAFD. For more on this, click this link.

FB User Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Liking a Christian Page

Kerolos-Shouky-AttallahKerolos Shouky Attallah, a young Egyptian Christian, was sentenced to six years in prison for ‘liking’ a Christian page of Facebook.

Attallah was charged for “liking” an Arabic-language Facebook page administered by an anonymous group of Christian converts known as the Knights of the Cross.

His attorney, Mohamed Ahmed Abd-Alaal, said Attallah did not make any comments on the site, share any of the postings or upload anything to it. Attallah promptly removed his name from the page once he realized the Facebook page offended some Muslims.

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Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim Released from Prison, Detained Again

Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim has been released from prison only to be detained along with her family again. The 27-year-old had been in prison with her 20-month-old son and 4-week-old daughter awaiting a sentence of 100 lashes and hanging for apostasy. However, Ibrahim’s lawyer said that the woman and her family have been detained at an airport while trying to leave the country. Ibrahim’s daughter was born to her while she was awaiting her execution. Excerpts from this link.

Prisoner’s Last Words Before Execution: “I am Going Home to be With Jesus.”

lethal-injection-roomMarcus Wellons, a prisoner awaiting execution, repeatedly said, “I am going home to be with Jesus.” Wellons was convicted of raping and murdering a 15-year-old girl in 1989, and had apologized to the family of the victim, saying, “I ask and hope they will find peace in my death.” Wellons hummed as prayer was being said and as the warden read the death warrant. Click here to read more on the story and the opposition to capital punishment.

News Digest cannot ascertain whether Marcus Wellons had become a born again during his prison term.

Extremists Abduct 91 More People in Nigeria

Extremists have abducted 91 more people, including toddlers as young as 3, in weekend attacks on villages in Nigeria, witnesses said, providing fresh evidence of the military’s failure to curb an Islamic uprising and the government’s inability to provide security. The kidnappings come less than three months after more than 200 school girls were taken in a mass abduction that embarrassed Nigeria’s government and military because of their slow response. Those girls are still being held captive. Excerpts from this link.

Meanwhile…Boko Haram threat Has Not Stopped Bible Translation in Nigeria

wycliffe_Bible TranslationThe northern regions of Nigeria are on high alert as Boko Haram continues its reign of terror but the risk to life has not stopped Bible translation work in the region.

In fact, Wycliffe Associates reports that its team of translation workers in the area has only been spurred on to get even more of God’s word translated into the local languages.

It’s a huge task, with the team already having identified some 300 languages still without a single verse of the Bible. Excerpts from this link.