Charleston Church Massacre: Relatives Forgive the Murderer

Charleston-murderRelatives of victims of the Charleston church massacre openly forgave the accused Dylann Roof. Nine relatives of victims came forward and offered their forgiveness, while expressing their emotions of a hurting heart. Roof sat for an hour with members of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina before opening fire massacring six women and three men. He has told investigators he carried out the shootings telling them “I wanted to start a race war,” but said he almost didn’t go through with it after the way they had welcomed him in to their group. More on this news and a video on this link.

Iran Sentences 18 Christians to Prison for Their Faith

An Iranian court has reportedly sentenced 18 Christians to prison for their faith in Jesus. This sentence comes on the verge of a new crackdown against Christians in the country. Fox News noted that the charges include evangelism, propaganda against the regime, and creating house churches to practice their faith. It added that the total sentences come close to 24 years, but it’s not known how many years each individual received, due to the lack of transparency in Iran’s judicial system. For more, click here.

Imprisoned Asia Bibi Needs Urgent Medical Care, Says Family

Asia Bibi, the 50-year-old Christian woman on death row in Pakistan, for alleged blasphemy is in urgent need of medical treatment, her family revealed. Asia Bibi is suffering from intestinal bleeding, said reports. Relatives visited her for the first time in a month at the end of May and found that she was “so weak she can hardly walk”. Click here to read more on this news.

Militias Rout ISIS From Christian Area in Syria

Syria_ISISIn Syria, an unheralded combination of Kurdish and Assyrian Christian fighters in recent weeks managed to recapture a string of villages along the Khabur River from the so-called Islamic State (IS or ISIS). The victories came three months after ISIS swept into the area, taking command of 14 villages and kidnapping several hundred Assyrian Christians who lived there. They went unnoticed as ISIS made gains elsewhere, chiefly in taking Palmyra further south in Syria, and capturing Ramadi in central Iraq. Excerpt taken from this link.

70% Christian Homes illegally Seized in Baghdad

Iraqi ChristiansNearly 70 per cent of Christian-owned homes in Baghdad have been illegally seized, according to a member of the city’s municipal council. In an interview with Al-Mada TV station reported by Independent Catholic News, Mohammed al- Rubai said: “These houses belonged to Christians who fled from Baghdad, seeking refuge from violent attacks targeting them and their homes.

The title deed documents have been falsified and the new title deeds have been lodged with the real estate registry. Many properties had been given illegally to other Iraqi citizens.” Excerpt taken from this Christian Today link.

Saeed Abedini Refuses to Deny Christ, Says Wife

SaeedSaeed Abedini will not deny Christ, according to his wife Naghmeh. The American pastor was viciously beaten by his inmates and was told to deny Jesus, according to recent reports. Naghmeh, the wife of Saeed Abedini who is imprisoned in Iran, said that her husband is strong in his faith even though he does not have his family or church with him.

“He’s got Christ there with him, strengthening him. Other prisoners have said that usually when prisoners come out of solitary, they are devastated or broken, but he seemed so refreshed and glowing. That’s what we have in that relationship with Christ,” said Naghmeh.

She also described that while her her family has been “torn apart” by their ordeal, they have kept their faith, adding, “Jesus hasn’t abandoned us.” Click here to read the entire story.

Bibles Pour Into Cuba as Christianity Booms

Christians in Cuba received more than 83,000 Bibles earlier this month from the International Missions Board. The Bibles come at a time of growth in the evangelical church in Cuba. The Baptist Convention in Cuba is distributing the Bibles to believers in more than 1,000 churches all over the island. Bibles have not been sold in Cuban bookstores for more than 50 years. The only place people can get one is at a church. Churches have relied on Bible donations, which have had a hard time keeping up with the growing number of belivers in the past few years. Excerpt from this CBN link.

100 Year Old Woman Sews Over 1000 Dresses for Needy African Children

little-dresses-for-africaLillian Weber, a dressmaker who wanted to use her skill to help other people, donated a total of 1051 dresses she had herself sewn before her 100th birthday.

She donated these dresses to Little Dresses for Africa, a non-profit Christian organisation that has sent more than 3 million dresses to young girls in 47 African countries and 31 other countries.

For more on this incredible story, click here.