Author: Pastor Shyju Mathew

The Dimensions of Hearing

If you ever pass by a coffee shop, you might hear an all too common complaint, “He doesn’t even listen to me!” or “She doesn’t even hear me!”. Sadly, in our faith journey our hearing capacity is often formed by our attitude.

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  • How do you portray hope within hopelessness, a dream within the void, #theredcar & light penetrating the dark. Can you find these little details in these scenes? That’s what these captures attempted to do in the first few almost silent minutes of the movie #TheThirdBullet. (Check out the link in my bio) Although I wasn’t sure if the audience will like these long silent artistic scenes, it is still probably my fav shots of the whole movie. Somethings you do for your own joy ;) It took us ages to get the right lighting. It was shot at around 2am so had to recreate all of the morning light. No matter how dark it feels like, hold on to the Light inside you! Sometimes it’s better to be alone, than be with people who make you feel lonely!! What were your thoughts during these shots?

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