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Touching Nations, one life at a time!

Thank you RN Family!

Here are few of the conferences held across the globe. Join us on this Jesus journey!

Celebrating 26 years!

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Revive UK

A beautiful Jesus outpour in 5 cities in 6days. God moved powerfully in each of these meetings in Bury St Edumunds, Basildon, Riverpool, London, and Cambridge. 

Overflow, Noida

An amazing overflow of God’s presence as the people of God fall flat at the feet of Jesus! Two days of divine visitation.

Revive Delhi

Our first Revive conference in the
capital of India. God touched His people
in a powerful way! 

Revive Abudhabi

Back to back in three cities of UAE,
God moved powerfully in Dubai, Abudhabi
and sharjah. Thank you for sending us!

Revive Malaysia

In KL, Penang and Butteworth,
combined with Tent of Meeting training. God
touched His people in a mighty way!

Revive Kenya

An unforgettable outpour of the Spirit of God, stirring both believers and Pastors alike.

Revive Dubai

The Spirit upon the people of God like
fresh rain in the desert! God made Himself
known to His bride in a very intimate way!

Revive Australia

Sydney | Melbourne | Adelaide
The people of Australia experienced
the revival fire of His ferocious love.

Revive NewYork

With humble beginnings, our first ever
conference in USA. God was very faithful
in touching His people with His presence.

Revive Sharjah

Hungry people of God, both young and old alike, encountered a powerful outpour of His Spirit.


Power of God touching people at our church in Montreal. These are just a handful of our conferences across the globe. We believe you and I will be a part of the end time revival of this generation.

All of this and more would not happen without our consistent support of partners like you. Join on this Jesus journey and support this ministry with a gift of your choice here.

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