Revive Nations is called to revive, renew & restore the body of Christ across all nations. We organized Revive Australia Conference with this same mission and with total faith in God. This time God spoke to us to revive the cities of Adelaide & Sydney as well. We had no personal connection with any church or pastor, but we were witnesses of God’s favor and abundant grace even before we reached Australia.

God provided us with all the resources we needed & a support team to help us reach the people of Adelaide, Sydney & Melbourne. We would like to thank all of our precious partners who stood with us in prayer and supported us financially, not forgetting the delegates who were present at all three cities joining us in our God given mission to revive Australia.We had powerful, back to back meetings in all three cities.

Revive Adelaide

Our conference begin with a one day event in Adelaide at 27 Sturt St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia on 11th November, 2015 where more than 50 people gathered to listen to the voice of God. Pastor Shyju preached on the story of five loaves and two fish. It was one of a kind meeting, where God broke through the atmosphere as the word of God came strong about Jesus wanting to bless us, and allow us to go through brokenness, so we can carry the fingerprints of Jesus.

People were healed, delivered and revived as Pastor Shyju got to pray with most of them towards the end of the service. The power of God was visibly present through the entire evening. A word of thanks also to Danielle and her team who helped with leading worship at the Adelaide meeting.

Revive Sydney

The Revive conference at Sydney was on the next day, 12 November, 2015 at Reg Byrne Community Centre, Fyall Avenue & Darcy Road, Wentworthville, NSW 2145. The place was packed to capacity with over 100 people gathering to receive from God, even before Pastor Shyju came up to minister. The word for the night was that God is inviting the church into a deeper and intimate walk with Him. The place was filled with tangible presence of God, and the church responded to the word of God even before the sermon could be completed.

God was in complete control of this night’s service, and the service extended in a time of worship and prayer. It was a beautiful sight to see so many spiritually hungry children under the age of 14 being filled in the presence of the Holy Spirit, at the altar, where Pastor Shyju took time to pray every single person who stayed back, even the entire worship team. Gerard and Manoo led the team of talented musicians and singers who helped with the worship at Sydney.

Revive Melbourne

This year our conferences in Melbourne were held from the 13-15 November, 2015 at the Dandenong Baptist Church Auditorium, 25-27 James St, Dandenong VIC 3175.

We saw a large number of Jesus lovers who came for our conferences in 2014, return with a passion and hunger for a fresh word from heaven. Even from the first night there was a strong sense of unity and oneness as the delegates pressed in during the praise and worship for a touch from God. There was also an air of expectation in the atmosphere as many of the delegates had heard about how strongly and uniquely the Holy Spirit moved in Adelaide and Sydney.

On the second night, Pastor Shyju Mathew spoke from John 6:4-9 and shared a powerful revelation that Jesus had already known what he was going to do and how he was going to provide food for the crowd even before the disciples complained that there was not enough money or food to feed everyone. When a generation comes hungry for Jesus and fixes their eyes on the blessing giver instead of the blessing, their physical needs and other blessings will automatically follow.

The highlight on the second night was when Pastor Shyju encouraged the delegates, during the altar-call, to look to Jesus and just love Him and then left the meeting, so that the people could continue to have an intimate time with their God and not be distracted by a mere earthen vessel. Some delegates even stayed at the altar pressing into His loving presence long after most people had left the building and the lights were about to be turned off!

Before closing the conference on the final night, Pastor Shyju preached a powerful message from the life of Samuel in the Bible and reminded the delegates that it’s all about being in love with Jesus and staying at his feet, because then, everything else will follow. There was now a strong army of Jesus lovers ready to take this revival fire burning in their bones back to their homes and churches!!!

God willing, in March 2017, we plan to not only have conferences in the above three cities, but also to hold inaugural conferences in Brisbane and Perth. We encourage you to partner with us to receive updates and more information about future conferences and also to consider being a part of the organising team. Most importantly, keep praying for us as we continue to do the Lord’s will in raising up a generation of Jesus lovers.

Keep burning with revival fire as you continue to fix your eyes on the Lover of your soul!

Report compiled by Ps Priji Varghese, Robin Singh & Calvin Augustine.

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