Revive Kuwait July 2016 – Conference Report

Precious partners and friends, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers, love & support. These meetings wouldn’t have been possible without your financial help and ceaseless prayers, so we truly appreciate you.

Throughout the three evenings of meetings we saw a beautiful Holy Spirit wind that passed over Kuwait as the local churches gathered together with hunger and expectation for a brand new move of God.

Though there were offers to minister in other Middle Eastern countries the Revive Kuwait tour began as the Holy Spirit clearly spoke to pastor Shyju that it was time for Kuwait to be revived.

Brother Adil (Kuwait) and his team led the crowds into intense times of worship throughout the three evenings.

Revive Abbasiya– Day 1 (July 14, 2016)

The Revive Kuwait tour began in the city of Abbasiya where pastor Shyju shared a prophetic word over the churches of Kuwait from (1 Peter 2:1-8). He shared that the Lord will raise up a remnant that will run after Jesus and impact the city for His glory. God is looking for people with laser focus in Kuwait that don’t have time for non sense but rather are ready to capture Kuwait for Jesus.

Revive Salmiya – Day 2 (July 15, 2016)

On day 2 Pastor Shyju was invited to minister at two local churches. It kicked off on an exciting start as he first shared a powerful word at Seed of Life Church where he encouraged hundreds of hungry people to be a blessing to the pastor, and shared that the Lord was calling the church back into prayer and fasting. The move of the Holy Spirit was so strong, that the service ended later than expected. He then moved on to Karnataka Congregation where many left with a healing touch from Jesus.

In the evening Pastor Shyju continued ministering the word that the Holy Spirit put on his heart from the night before, and focused on the power of believers as living stones (1 Peter 2:5). “Revelation is one step away from manifestation of power. More hunger = more revelation = more power.”

Revive Salmiya – Day 3 (July 16, 2016)

Day 3 started on a quite interesting note as local Kuwaitis threatened to call the police because the place was packed to capacity, and there were too many cars parked. After praying, everything got sorted out by God’s grace.

Pastor Shyju shared the Word of the Lord through an overflow of revelations, such as the importance of falling in love with the Bible, walking in honor, and not being married to your success or failures, and many others. The wind of the Holy Spirit swept over the place in a powerful way. Many were healed, and over 13 committed themselves to being baptized at the next given opportunity.

Revive Kuwait, July 2016 (Excerpts)

One of our members had invited Sis Hilda to Pastor Shyju’s meeting in Salmiya, Kuwait. She is from a Catholic origin. At the meeting she decided to surrender her life completely to the Lord. Since she was returning to India for good today, we baptized her in the sea off Fahaheel.

Pastor Clifford, Karnataka Congregation

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