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Guarding the Heart Blog

In the year 2008, Guarding the Heart Blog (GTH) started of as a blogging curiosity. Soon it caught momentum allowing Rev. Shyju Mathew to use this as a platform to reach this generation. As of now it has readers from almost every part the world. This also led us to begin translating GTH to other languages. The focus and content of GTH is to empower a person to live a successful life as a believer of Jesus.
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Notes of Life

A very special heart to heart journal-blog from Mrs. Tiny Mathew. With a unique gift to speak to the crevices of the heart, Tiny tackles the practical issues of life on Notes of Life. Equipped with short blog posts and videos you will be encouraged and inspired. This is a blog that you should not miss subscribing to. Visit NOL

Watch “Never Alone” a video single composed by Rev. Shyju Mathew

Revive  Leaders Blog

Seeing and saying as it is. You can expect articles straight to the point. These posts are from Rev. Shyju Mathew from the Word of God, various observations, online research and life lessons itself. The primary focus of Pastors and Leaders Blog is to encourage Christian leaders to stay under the shadow of the Almighty God. Visit Revive Leaders


Revive Nations Podcasts

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