My Story

of grace, mercy and favour.

– Shyju Mathew


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth
and thousands of years later, I was born on that planet.


It was January 17th, 1986
in a rugged region in the South of India.
they named me, Shyju Mathew


I was six month old when my parents moved
to Bangalore in search of employment.
Dad worked as a technician and mom a nurse.



Childhood bullies and harsh teaching methods
didn’t make school a fun place. Often alone,
I sought quiet corners to withdraw with the Lord.

At home

Dad was unwell and school fees didn’t come easy.
I grew up seeing my mother finding solace at the feet
of Jesus. My sister was the closest idea to fun times.


As a child I found myself drawn to the things of God,
Our church encouraged much prayer and fasting.
Play time was replaced with times of prayer.
My little heart was on fire for Jesus.


Prayer times bore fruit. Visions and prophecies became norm.
Grateful to my Senior Pastor, Rev. M. A. Varughese,
God used him to lead a group of fire brands.

Seven - Eleven

I was asked to fill in a preacher who didn’t turn up.
I was just seven years old. By eleven I was travelling
alone and preaching Jesus all of my summer vacation.

I had found my purpose. Nothing else mattered anymore.


By 17, I had published my first book & began travelling
abroad serving Jesus. A month’s meetings turned into
four months of conferences across the Middle East,
starting with Dubai, Bahrain and Qatar.

There was no turning back.

God stirred the hearts of the listeners and
people fell in love with Jesus all over again.
His presence become the hallmark of these meetings.

[Picture: Children under the power of God in Qatar]


One of the conference host, was a precious man of God, Dr. Sam Abraham who was the host of the conference I was preaching at. He sponsored my bachelors degree in Business Adminstration at his University.

In return, I got to serve the Lord as the campus Pastor. The ministry and travels continued.


While visiting Bangalore my paths crossed with a beautiful
and humble woman. Tiny Mathew came to the saving grace
that evening from an encounter with Jesus. It wouldnt be long before we understood that the JESUS encounter was a path of purpose and destiny. On April 7th 2010, we were married.



On 3rd March, 2012 God blessed us with a baby daughter in India.

Kathryn Mathew filled our lives with much laughter and
pleasant surprises.


Youth Pastor

In July 2013, a decade old prophecy of God sending us
to “a land of snow” came to pass as we moved to Montreal
temporarily to be the youth Pastor.

The Lord asked me surrender all the travelling for one year, and in that year He taught me to love people more than ministry. It was a set up, the Lord was moulding my heart to embrace another aspect of ministry – the Church.

Senior Pastor

Over a year later, the same church was now looking for a Pastor.
After much prayers and a series of confirmation, we submitted to the new direction from the Lord.
It has been one of the greatest learning opportunities and a very humbling experience to feed His flocks.


Surely children are a reward from heaven. God added to our joy at home.

And like his birth would be, we called him Moses Mathew.

The privilege however being entirely mine of delivering him at home as the midwife. A supernatural delivery in about seven minutes. Here’s more about that moment.


The Lord showered the church with His presence. In four years we saw over 380 baptisms and many services on a Sunday including many church plants around the world.

When we are still discovering our story, God is already done writing it. And it is tremendous honour for Tiny and I, to be a part of what God is doing.


Revival of the Nations have always been our call. And church planting has only helped us understand how better to help the church at large.

All though in a limited fashion due to our church commitments, we continue to travel as the Lord leads. In last two years, we were able to host Revive Conferences in over 16 cities around the world. We continue to go as the Lord sends and hope that you will be part of this Jesus journey.



There are no journeys without storms. Life has never been a smooth sailing ship. Through many valleys, challenges, trials and pain, Jesus is still the answer to all.

The Master Potter never ceases to work on the pot, reshaping and moulding to what He has meant me to be.

Spiritual Parents

The Lord honoured our heart’s cry and supernaturally led us to our spiritual parents, Prophets Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa. An honour to be in the shadow of greatness.

A sweet place to hide, submit, learn, be corrected, challenged & prosper.





Children are a reward from the Lord. Then for this one we are surely humbled. The Lord blessed us with a third child, Ruth Mathew. Named after our dear spiritual mother Dr. Ruth Makandiwa. 


In a line:

“My calling is solely an election by grace, and without Him I am nothing.”

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“Wow, you really made it all the way down here. Thank you for your precious time. Until we meet here or on the otherside, #heart”                                                 ~ Shyju Mathew

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