Irrespective of your area of leadership, Tent of Meeting (TOM) has been conceived to enhance your development and broaden your vision beyond the challenges that surround you.

With over 300 leaders having been trained through TOM, this time will challenge you to rethink how you carry out your ministry. Along with spiritual encounters, come learn how to build systems & structures to enlarge and sustain your ministry.

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TOM is where leaders in ministry take some time away from distractions, to learn of, seek, and pursue God.

The aim is to linger a little longer in God’s presence, creating a fresh appetite for more of Him, that lasts long after they’ve returned to their homes.


TOM in many countries

Revive Nations has conducted Tent of Meeting in many countries including India, Canada and recently in UAE till now.

This will be a time for personal growth, spiritual awakening and deep discussions that are intended to produce fruitful results. You will be equipped with tools and opportunities to develop the ministry you lead.

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