Steady until Sunset

Upholding the arms to victory!

Become a covenant partner with Revive Nations

Heart Behind the Giving

Everyone who calls upon the Lord will be saved. But… how are they to preach unless they are sent? …
“How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”

(Romans 10: 13-15)

Be part of the RN family

Partners like you are more than just friends, we are family. A family that upholds hands to victory like how Aaron and Hur upheld the hands of Moses into the sunset and until the war was won. Thank you for being part of the family.

Sponsor Leadership Trainings

RN has trained over 300 leaders through the Tent Of Meeting program. These leaders carry the heart of God into their assignment. Sponsor Leadership Training programs across the Nations.

Host Revive Crusade and Conferences

Every dollar you give has an integral part in reaching the nations of the world for Jesus. You have an integral part in every soul that is touched and every believer that is revived by the love of Jesus.

Fund Full Time Ministers

When you partner with Revive Nations, a portion of your giving is set apart to sponsor Pastors in full time ministry. We believe in encouraging and financially supporting ministers of the gospel. Invest into supporting other full time Pastors every month, empower them to do more!

Fuel our dozens of resources

Our online resources have a daily potential reach of over 200,000 people. Help us to stay effective and relevant to an online generation with technology, media content and many other anointed resources.


Align with the revival stream.

We believe your seed into this ministry aligns you into the end-time revival anointing on our ministry. Expect a great harvest.

Thank you for keeping our hands steady into the sunset!

Join us on this Jesus journey. Visit a conference near you.


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