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Thank you for your generous heart

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Our giving is an avenue for us to worship God and to build an altar before His throne. Every sacrificial giving attracts the fire from the throne of God and bring favour, blessing and promotion into our lives. We encourage you to give to God firstly because you love God!

About Your Giving

Thank you Partners

Our giving can also become a channel to partner with the preaching of the gospel and taking the message of Revival to the nations of the earth. The monthly commitment that you make towards the ministry of Revive Nations, are seeds that you are sowing into the destiny of nations, and you will consequently harvest the blessing and the grace for nations!

Partnership Goals

Hosting Conferences

Your partnership makes way for hosting revival conferences, prayer conferences, prophetic conferences around the globe. Thousands upon thousands of people all around the world have been saved, redeemed, set free and revived in these conferences over the years.

Leadership Training

Equipping the next generation is a very vital part of the ministry of Revive Nations. Prophets Shyju and Tiny invest a lot of their personal resources into mentoring and training those appointed by the Lord into their respective callings. Your partnership helps in hosting these mentorship programs, tent of meeting conferences, worship minister rising, etc.

Television Ministry

The prophetic teachings and revelation of the heart of God that we are served each week, and in each season is such that it pushes us to share the same with the whole world. God has opened the doors for the same through television ministry. Your partnership provides in knocking on the doors of 330 million homes around the world each week!

Supporting Missionaries

There are many young missionaries who are serving the purposes of the kingdom, in non urban and non popular environments that Revive Nations takes pride in supporting financially. Your partnership goes a long way in making sure that the hands and feet of Jesus continue to move and serve in places where you haven’t gone personally!

Media & Technology

God has given us an incredible team that help us amplify the voice of God through social media, virtual live services, and other regular broadcasts. Your partnership helps in procuring media equipment, getting the best graphics to communicate the message.

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