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A Word of Encouragement for Pastor’s Wives from Pastor Tiny Mathew

Last week, our readers were given a special treat as Pastor Tiny Mathew shared 10 powerful ways to appreciate pastor’s wives. This week, pastor’s wives across the globe are certain to be edified by this powerful Word of exhortation by Pastor Tiny Mathew, a second part of our post on appreciation for the women of God in our lives.

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An Overflowing Account

People of God who love the Body of Christ: everything you do for the Lord is deposited in your spiritual account before God in Heaven. What is in your bank account?

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10 Steps to Meet God through the Bible

Have you had times when Bible reading feels boring? The Bible is the Word of God and the Word of God is GOD. If that’s the case, every time you read the Bible, you are about to meet with God! Oh, how exciting your Bible reading is going to be! Gear up to meet with God every single time!

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Guest Posts


Are You Ready for a Leap of Faith?

Here is a guest post from Darren & Kirsi West, the Lead Pastors of Real Life Church, in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. They have been in ministry together for 21 years, serving God across Canada. Their passion is to see people walking in freedom and fulfilling their God given destiny. Read on.

Overcoming Temptations


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