Hello there! I am Pastor Shyju. Very glad you are here. The objective of GTH blog has always been to share what God is teaching me to any other desperate soul. I speak my heart not as an expert, but as a student of the Holy Spirit.

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Breaking the Seige – The River

In these past seven days of the River Fast, testimonies from all over the world have been pouring in with supernatural breakthroughs! Watch the videos for testimonies and receive the word from God.

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The River is Rushing!!!

We have been on a 14days fast seeking the Lord in Montreal, and the Lord has been very faithful in releasing His power to those that seek Him. Do watch the sermons!

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Digging up your Wells

Have you ever seen a pattern in your family history that makes you uncomfortable? How can you break cycles of generational sin? What can you do to uncover what God of our fathers has stored up for you?

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Guest Posts


Are You Ready for a Leap of Faith?

Here is a guest post from Darren & Kirsi West, the Lead Pastors of Real Life Church, in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. They have been in ministry together for 21 years, serving God across Canada. Their passion is to see people walking in freedom and fulfilling their God given destiny. Read on.

Overcoming Temptations


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