Punishment and Consequences

Punishment and Consequences are mentioned. Do these two words mean the same thing, or do they have two distinctive and very different definitions? Read on.

House Rules for Our Children: Part 1

Last time we began looking at the importance of setting limits for our children, and we touched on the topic of house rules. This time I would like to expand a little on each of the steps that can be taken when trying to establish rules within the family home.

Setting Limits for Our Children

As parents, we need to set limits for our children so that they can learn how to serve a God who sets limits! Read on few pointers on how you can set limits on your children.

Godly Love and Discipline

Jesus drew the line for His disciples in the sand. He told them ‘do not go there or you will get hurt’. In the same way we as parents need to draw a line in the sand for our children, to help them to learn and grow in a safe place.

Spending Valuable Time With Our Children

One of the way we can show our children that they are important and valuable to us is by setting aside quality time for them, since God has placed them in our care. Read on for more.

Finding Delight in Parenting

There are a lot of parallels between our relationship with God, and our relationship with our children. Our understanding of God’s fatherly role in our spiritual lives will often affect our own role as a parent.

Guest Post

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