Notes by Pastor Tiny: Overcoming With Victory

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May 29, 2020

Revive Kids

Notes by Pastor Tiny: Overcoming With Victory

by | May 29, 2020 | RN Kids

Revive Kids is pleased to host this monthly post for RN parents, by Pastor Tiny Mathew, Co-founder with Pastor Shyju Mathew, of Revive Nations Ministry.

Welcome Parents. As we minister to our children, we must ensure we, ourselves are always growing in the Spirit. Last Easter Sunday, Prophet Shyju and I answered questions from our RN family.

One question was “How does the enemy try to keep you insecure, when as a believer, you thought you have overcome?“

You and I both know, the enemy knows people. He is a master psychologist who has dealt with humans for over 6000 years. So a person who has dealt with rejection in their past and is growing with God will be tested! In your life, don’t be surprised when the enemy uses a similar scenario to test you as you grow and mature. When tested, whether it be with your kids or your spouse or even your leaders, you may stumble and still manifest the rejection within you. You may have dealt with the issue on the surface, but the roots, those deep past wounds, may not have been dealt with, so the rejection still remains.

We must renew our mind and believe the Word of God, believe we are who God has called us to be to deal with rejection. As parents, it is crucial we know our identity as a child of God, as an overcomer, as light in the world, that we may lead our children to live free and whole in their identity.

Remember, a wound that is deep, one that has distorted your identity, takes a long time to heal. You will know a wound is healed, when someone can touch it and it doesn’t hurt. You know it is not healed, if the moment someone touches your hurt, similar to hurts of the past, and you react, withdraw or lash out, and then, you realize you are far from healed. When you do not react, the poison, the pain of your past, no longer creates a reaction, then you are free.

To help yourself and your family, you must deal with these past hurts.

First, recognize what your problem is, the behaviour that you know is not appropriate, not Christ-like. Your spouse may ask, “Why are you so sharp, so defensive?” Don’t run away from that question! Dig deep and find out why you are behaving like this, why are you emotional or defensive or worked up.

Second, get help. Go to your spiritual parent or your pastor or pastor’s wife and talk to them. Having another person’s perspective will shed light and help you understand why you are behaving in a certain way. Expose the problem and get counsel to heal from these patterns.

Third, ask Holy Spirit to reveal the hidden roots, to show why you feel this way, where this scar or hurt remains within you. With the help of the Holy Spirit, if you are desperate for change, God will help you.

People can delay their healing by not being desperate. Some are too busy finding faults with others, so they will never discover faults within themselves, nor be healed. It is important you help yourself, but if you are too busy criticizing others, my dear, you are not desperate, and your healing will be delayed.

Parents, all of us need Jesus. People have flaws and weaknesses. Many need healing in their life. Be patient and approach your spouse and your kids with mercy. The mercy you have received from God is the mercy you must give. As you keep bringing your family to the Lord in prayer, try to expose such a situation only when your spouse or your child is in the right mind.

The way you communicate and explain will help your loved ones to know you are not attacking them but are trying to help them. Whatever the problem, healing this takes time, so build trust together, be patient with one another and keep the dialogue open. Stay committed to long-term solutions as you build your marriage and your family together with the Lord.

Now, regarding COVID19:

There is no other name higher than the Name of Jesus. The enemy has been glorified by this pandemic but the Name of Jesus is ALWAYS greater.

Parents, don’t allow fear in this season. God is strengthening you and helping you in this season. No matter what you’re going through, be at peace.

Ask the Lord to manifest His Word in your life. Yes, take precautions and do your part with what is required. However, recognize your imagination can be greatly used by the enemy at this time. Your body may respond to the fear of this disease and create symptoms of this sickness directly from what you are mediating upon. Your mind can create an open door, a window for the enemy to have access to you by what you are thinking, so guard your thoughts.

Fight with heavenly weapons.

King David, when faced by a plague, fell upon the mercy of God. Prophet Gad told David to go build an altar. King David went to purchase land in order to build an altar to the Lord. Now Araunah, who owned the field wanted to give everything freely to the king.

But the king said to Araunah, “No, but I will buy it from you for a price. I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God that cost me nothing.” So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen for fifty shekels of silver. And David built there an altar to the Lord and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings. So the Lord responded to the plea for the land, and the plague was averted from Israel (1 Sam 24:24-25).

David insisted to purchase his sacrifice and built the altar unto God . The plague was stopped!

Parents, in such a time as this, we must lead our families and be faithful in our giving. We must not hold back but remain generous. Building altars is a vital part of life as a child of God. Be like Abraham who could never give more than the greatest Giver. You will attract favour by your giving. Our God is faithful: under His Mighty Hand, you are more than covered.

To hear this full encouragement by Pastors Shyju and Tiny Mathew, click here. If you have friends who speak Punjabi, Malayalam, Hindi, French, Spanish or Italian, this videos is available in these languages as well, so please share freely, that together, we may reach the Nations and Jesus Christ be glorified!

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