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Welcome! We’re so happy to have you join us on our Jesus Adventure. Revive Nations Kids is set to inspire your children to love Jesus more everyday. We have weekly Kids Episodes and powerful blogs for parents and children alike to enjoying growing up in God. 

Weekly Episodes

Every Saturday we release an engaging and fun episode for your children to learn more about walking with God. Episodes are geared towards children ages 3-11.

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Kids Worship

Worshipping King Jesus is very important to RN Kids. Each week, families are invited to praise the Lord with sing along and dance videos. Get ready to have some fun as you get up and dance for Jesus!

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Our Leaders

Revive Nations Kids is a ministry led by our beloved Prophetess Tiny Mathew and joyfully brought to your children through Jenny Svetec, Pastor Sarah Evans and Francesco Pagnotta.

Guarding The Heart BLOG

Guarding the Heart is a blog which caters to our global church, with solid biblical content to raise a Godly generation of Jesus Lovers. For our families, enjoy ‘Wisdom from Mama Tiny‘, articles on parenting and sound counsel on relationships, which are offered in many languages to reach the nations with the Word of God!


Story time with Zara!

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Meet Zara!

The royal princess with a sparkle of… drama

Meet Oscar

The king of the surf, loving the King of Kings

Meet Mat

The grumpy friend, who’s always honest!

About Us

Each week, Revive Nations Kids releases key episodes teaching God’s Word so that children may learn important stuff like how to deal with friends, parents, school and daily life. With crafts, games, memory verses and dance- alongs, our interactive videos help kids have fun  while learning too!

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Due to covid restrictions, we are currently unable to conduct Kids Church in person. However, we provide plenty of exclusive space for parents with children during our services. Kindly meet with our ushers for more information.

Emmanuel Church

Our Mission & Vision

Revive Nations Kids’ goal is to bring the gospel to children across the nations by teaching about Jesus, training them in the Word of God, and making them fall in love with Jesus!
Through our engaging Christ-focused material, interactive content and fun presentation of key Christian principles, RN Kids supports children and their families to grow and become devoted followers of Christ, who will influence the whole world with the love of God and the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Punishment and Consequences

Punishment and Consequences

Revive KidsBy Sarah Evans When looking at the topic of disciplining our children, it does not take long before the...


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Hello! We are so excited to have you and your children join us on this beautiful, fun-filled Jesus journey! Please take a minute to subscribe to recieve email notifications of our new content. May RN Kids revive, renew and restore you and your family!

Jenny Svetec

RN Kids Minister


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Revive Nations

Revive Nations is an international, Spirit led ministry headed by Prophets Shyju and Tiny Mathew to raise a generation of Jesus Lovers. RN Kids is a subsidiary of Revive Nations, and produced in Montreal, Canada.

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