The Solution to Conflicts in Life

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

February 26, 2011

It’s 5 am. The Lord woke me up with a dream of a relentless runner.

When Elijah, the man of God who had chopped off the heads of hundreds of prophets of Baal had to face Jezebel who threatened to kill his life, he fell for this silly woman’s threat.

Jezebel symbolizes the fake and deceptive spirit which is contrary to the move of God that tries to attack the body of Christ.

You will see this same spirit surface in families and churches from time to time.

Endless unreal pressures.

Threats and issues.

Sense of desperation.

Losing control of reality.

Quitting on one’s hope.

All these are the result of an attack of the spirit of Jezebel on a family or a church. And instead of realizing the trick of the enemy, believers do the same mistake that Elijah did. Elijah ran. He ran towards the wilderness.

The running was fine, but quitting was not. Neither was the direction of his running right.

It took an angel to get Elijah to realize that he was running towards the wilderness instead of running towards Horeb, the mount of God. There on the mount, he found the answers to all his questions and issues that troubled his heart.

Where do you run to when Jezebel threatens you or your family? Where do you run when trouble brews in your ministry and threatens to take it all down? Do you try to take up the issue on your own in your own strength? I do not need to ask you to know that you may have failed.

This post comes to you as an angel that was sent to Elijah. Wake up, Elijah! What goes through your mind under the juniper tree – your ego, self pity and unforgiveness? Rise up for your journey ahead is great.

The greatness in you is beyond your comprehension. That is why, it requires for you to take your eyes off the situation and set it on God. The mountain of God is the one place where you will see all your problems in the right perspective.

Great are the things that God wants to do through you, but only if you will not quit running and run in the right direction, towards God.

Where have you been running to? Have you felt hopeless or lonely?