8 Keys to Excellence

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

November 29, 2021

Excellence is a reflection of Heaven. It is very critical to develop our spirits to a place of excellence.  Most of our spirits are molded by the broken environments that we grew up in, with broken marriages, emotional trauma, all kinds of abuses, limitations and heartaches.

Very rarely do we overcome these glass ceilings in our life. A God sent mentor can be a life-line thrown to a sinking soul but rarely do we have the privilege of finding the right one.  When we do find one, sustaining the mentorship becomes an even greater challenge.

Refuse to allow any discouragement in your heart, because hope deferred makes a heart sick (Prov. 13:12). I want to bring hope to you with this blog.

What we are not aware of, we are rarely able to conquer. Exposure brings options. Options give you the perspective to choose. So I want to show you a few ways that you can bring excellence in your life.

Excellence is more than perfection. It is a journey of upgrading yourself every day.

Excellence is the quality of surpassing greatness. King Solomon carried that excellence. Of course, our Master Jesus carried excellence in every detail of His life. So, I want you to ponder how you can develop the spirit of excellence in every area of your life. Whether it is the work you do, your conversations, your fashion, or even the furniture in your house, may it reflect greatness.

Here are some pointers for you to meditate on. I will intentionally leave this simple for you to meditate on. Much will come out of this, if you do the due diligence on pondering on these 8 keys to excellence:

1. Excellence is a product of your spirit.

Think about it.. when a demon takes over an individual, he drives him into destruction. So, how is the health of your spirit? At what level is the health at? If so, is it manifesting in all the other areas of your life?

 2. Excellence is a product of exposure.

What have you been exposed to? Have you been exposed to royalty? Who can you be connected to that will expose you to greater greatness? What negative exposures do you need to uproot yourself from?

3. Excellence is a product of information.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6) Who teaches you? Have they broken their glass ceilings themselves? They cannot guide you into what they have never experienced. Be hungry for understanding. 

4. Excellence is result of deliverance.

We must be delivered from the bondage of sin before the spirit of excellence can manifest. We must be delivered from the lies in theologies that limit God’s greatness from manifesting in our lives. We must be delivered from past mindsets that steal our future. Watch more on this here.

5. Excellence can be achieved by training.

Someone who has gone ahead of you, can always help you to get there. Provided you understand the principles of mentorship. More on that can be found here. (Note: The Mentorship Gold series is available in fullness on the Shyju Mathew app.)

6. Excellence is imitable.

Not all the times you see and understand everything, but when you learn to imitate the good in a lifestyle, then in time, you reach a place of understanding. Remember the words of Paul in Hebrews 13:7 “Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.”

There are certain things to consider, and certain sure things that you can go ahead and imitate. Imitate their faith!

7. Excellence comes to those who seek it the most.

Seek it by being intentional everyday. 

8. Excellence is a product of Heaven.

Peak into Heaven to see how the Lord does it. Peak into the Word and see where and how excellence is manifested. Study the details of how excellence was manifested in the life of King Solomon when Queen Sheba came to visit him (see 1 Kings 10). Study the manner of excellence in the Book of Revelation. There’s so much there. Excellence comes to those who align with the things of Heaven because excellence is JESUS.

Oh I’m excited for you. May the Lord open your hearts and minds to a new level of excellence in every area.

Don’t let it overwhelm you. Grow into excellence little by little everyday. 

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