What to do when someone disagrees with your faith

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

February 27, 2022

How are we supposed to engage with family members who are against what the Lord is doing in our lives or in our church?

For anyone, when a family member disagrees with our faith, our church or our spiritual parents, this is a very tough spot to be in. Our response might vary, depending on whether your parent is taking care of you versus another family member who does not physically provide for you. When you are living with parents or family members, there are certain obligations you have, because they are still putting food on your plate. If you don’t have success in explaining yourself to them, then you must hone the skill of not engaging in an argument you don’t want to enter into.

Jesus is the ultimate example for our lives. Jesus always knew how to respond and when, when His own family and the religious leaders of His day fought him. He wisdom to respond was evident, from “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s” (Mat 22:21) to “You hypocrites” (Mat 23), each response was custom tailored to shift perspectives and change mindsets.

Yet when it came to His trial, Jesus remained silent (Mark 14:61). He knew whatever He said would accelerate the crucifixion. Sometimes, you cause an acceleration of persecution just because you didn’t keep quiet. 

Wisdom is not just knowing what to say; it is also knowing when to say it.

A child of God has to study when to speak.

It is critical for a child of God to speak only when you will be heard.

Don’t waste your words.

If someone is coming and saying, “Why are you doing this?” and you know, you won’t be heard, then you learn the art of silence and hold your peace.

Jesus, when the people of His hometown wanted to push Him off the cliff, simply walked through the crowd (Luke 4:29).  He went through the crowd, not against it.

A student of the Word will not baited. As a child of God, you must choose your words wisely.

Remember, even Adam and Eve couldn’t stand against the words of the serpent. Remember, the serpent never appears as a serpent. He will speak through people around you so you must recognize and locate that voice.

Non-stop, if you are bombarded with a lie, if you say it long enough, it will affect you. This is how humans are made.  For example, the Bible says, “Let the weak say, I am strong” (Joel 3:10). So if you are weak and you say, “I’m strong!  I’m strong!  I’m strong!”, it will do something to your body, to your spirit.  After a while, you body will respond to this truth. Your heart, your spirit will start responding to this positive declaration.

But what happens if someone is coming to you, saying, “You are weak. You are weak. You are weak”? Now your body will start responding to that voice. We have to understand that even if we hear a wrong voice repeatedly, satan can steal your destiny.

Spend time praying for those who fight you. The Bible says, “They will know you are Christians by your love.”   If you spend time fighting with them, you will become like them, which is what the enemy is trying to do. However, when your loved ones argue with you, and you stay calm, stay loving, that you laugh it off, change the subject, and are not engaging with their protests, they will have to admit, wisdom is yours, and God will be glorified.

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