What to do when ‘Wonders’ break out in your Church

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

October 7, 2021

What is a wonder? What does the Bible say about miracles, signs and wonders?

I know how we react to healing testimonies and miracles, but how will we react to wonders in the Church? And what does a wonder look like?

A wonder by definition, is something that makes you wonder, and question –
“What is this?”
“What kind of a miracle is this?”
“What kind of sign is this from God?” 

Regardless of form or shape, a wonder from Heaven is wonderful. Still, many questions arise.

The issue with humans is that we rush to judge that which we do not understand. 

If a wonder is supposed to make us wonder, the right reaction to a move of God should simply be left at being in wonder. Wonder does not necessarily have to always have an explanation.

I remember a man of God telling me that the manifestations that happen today in the modern church cannot be accepted, because those manifestations disappear or fade away.
His explanation was, that if it was the Lord’s doing, these manifestations had to remain.  

But then, if you look at the first wonder in the Bible, the manna in the wilderness, of which they asked, “What is this?” you will see the reason they asked, “What is this?” is because it was a wonder from heaven. Yet manna disappeared the next day! In fact, it had to be collected the same day. When the sun went up, it disappeared.

The closest human comprehension of the word wonder is when a child experiences something new. One of my favourite pastimes with my little kids is when we blow bubbles, to the wonder and amusement of our young children. There needs be no logical sense to it. The bubbles are just for the joy, pleasure and the bonding of our relationship.

Wonder brings a unique joy and a connection that many other activities have failed to bring, at a unique level.

Yes, we can argue that a little child must find pleasure simply in the fact of who their parent is. Yet the parent may argue, that it is none of your business to criticize the way and the manner in which they wish to bring pleasure and joy to those whom they call their very own. 

All of this will remain a dilemma, a theological discussion and a protest to anyone who is outside the realm of the parent and the child. Still, none of this will matter to the parent nor the child, who are simply enjoying the bliss of the moment while creating long-lasting bonds.

Such is the manner of the work of God that is poured upon His Bride, whether it is gold dust, diamonds or what they call holy laughter, feathers or manna falling from heaven.

This is a momentary glimpse of the bliss of eternal life to come.

But in all this, be most cautious to refrain from being judgemental, unless you accidentally blaspheme the Holy Spirit.

The fear of God will allow you to hold your peace and seek His face on the things that cause you to wonder, those experiences that are not easily understood. Finding the right mentor will make that journey easier. Make sure they are someone who has experienced their own wonders, lest they fail to lead you where they have never been.

Remember, fear, striving, doubt and logic can make you stand on the outside bank of the river, when you should be in it, experiencing the manifestations of God. Like a little child, upon seeing the River, jump in.