Revive Canada 2012 – Crusade Report

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

October 12, 2012

Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa

Rev. Shyju Mathew returned to Canada for his seventh official visit, and the Lord began a new chapter in the history of Revive Nations [Formerly known as Shyju Mathew Ministries (SMM) ]Canada.

The Lord birthed a new vision in Rev. Shyju’s heart that Canada is positioned as the gateway to the world and that the move of God that sweeps across this nation will spread to all nations.

It required taking a considerable leap of faith to facilitate city-wide crusades across Canada from coast to coast to coast. Praise God for causing Revive Nations to walk on water towards His great destiny for the nations!

The inaugural launch of Revive Canada, hosted by Revive Nations, took place in September 2012 with crusades held in three major cities. The Lord graced all seven Revive gatherings in Canada with His glorious presence; transforming hearts and setting ablaze the flame of revival in the hearts of His children.

Many pastors and leaders from several denominations and non-denominations, as well as believers representing churches from many regions, came together at these meetings, choosing to stand in the gap for their cities, provinces and nation. Over 75 people gave their hearts to Jesus and completed decision cards in September! Testimonies of what the Lord has done continue to be brought to our attention through various channels.

The following is a brief overview of how the power of God has changed lives.

All praise, honour and glory belongs to Our Awesome God alone!

Montreal, Quebec

On September 14 and 15, 2012, Revive Canada was held at Concordia University in Montreal. People of all ages came together from across the city with great expectation. It was a mighty time in the presence of the Lord right from the time of worship and the proclamation of the life-changing Word.

A memorable moment took place on the second evening when the Holy Spirit prompted Rev. Shyju to call forth a representative of each nation in the congregation to the stage.

What a phenomenal sight to see over 35 nations represented on the stage; including Israel! Everyone cried out to God for Canada and each nation that was represented. It reinforced the heart of God for the nations in the hearts of everyone present.

A vast array of healings happened all over the auditorium, from chronic pain, bone and ligament issues, to deafness, blindness and emotional struggles. All completely healed by the power of Jesus!

One lady came limping with the support of a cane, and she suddenly began to move about without any difficulty that she confidently walked out at the end of the meeting without her cane!

Many people also came forward to accept Christ into their hearts!

See more testimonies below.

Toronto, Ontario

On September 20, 21 and 22, 2012, Revive Canada was held at Global Kingdom Ministries in Toronto. The Lord did a tremendous work in the lives of His people as hundreds came believing that God would touch their city. And He did!

When representatives from the nations in the congregation were summoned to the stage, over 46 nations came forward! How glorious it was to sing the national anthem as a prayer unto the Lord: God keep Our land; glorious and free. Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee!

From the time of amazing worship right to the powerful delivery of the Word, hearts were rekindled to turn back to God.

Even young children, with tears streaming down their faces rushed to the altar to fall on their face before God in response to the Word. A mighty wave of glory sweeped over the congregation and hundreds were slain in the Spirit.

People cried out to God as Rev. Shyju shared various prayer points concerning the city and the nation.

When Rev. Shyju extended an invitation to receive Christ, people of all ages streamed forward to accept Jesus into their hearts.

Rev. Shyju did not even have to lay hands on people to pray for healing as the power of God began to touch His people all over the auditorium.

TorontoAn entire family was delivered from bondage and witchcraft that was causing illness and disturbance at every turn. Everywhere in the venue, bones began to uncurl to the right position; sensation returned after so many decades; sight, breathing and hearing were restored; and much more! Just in one evening alone in Toronto, over 55 healings were recorded! Praise God!

It was amazing to see hundreds lingering longer, well past the end of the service, to bask in the presence of the Lord following a mighty outpouring of His glory.

See more testimonies below.

Ottawa, Ontario

On September 28 and 29, Revive Canada was held at the University of Ottawa in the nation’s capital. The excitement about all that the Lord had done through Revive caused precious ones to travel from Montreal and Toronto and converge in Ottawa, to pray for and witness what the Lord had in store for the nation’s capital.

Ottawa - Copy

What an amazing time as Heaven came down!

We received many reports that the Lord was drawing His people to Him. People who were driving their vehicles intending to go somewhere else, found themselves at the venue! University students felt urged to leave their books in the library to be a part of the service! Even people passing by on the streets of Ottawa saw the posters and felt led to the venue; leaving behind their plans to be somewhere else!

Right from the time of worship, we were truly blessed by open heavens. The weight of His presence surrounded the place. As Rev. Shyju asked for the names of the churches represented in the venue and led a time of corporate prayer for every single church, it was clearly evident that God united so many denominations for the awesome purpose of catching and spreading the revival fire! It was a glorious time of seeking His face that the Body of Christ would arise!

As Rev. Shyju ministered the Word, there were several incredible moments where people in the room testified to feeling a tangible shift in the atmosphere. His glory rained down over the auditorium and many people were overwhelmed by the awesome power of God.

One thing is certain; each of the seven crusades was unique and carried great significance for what God has in store in the days and years ahead.

Praise God for this time of unprecedented breakthrough in Canada. He shall have dominion from sea to sea!

Highlights of Testimonies

The following are just a few of the powerful testimonies that were shared by precious people of all ages on the platform during the Revive Canada 2012 meetings:

– After 38 years of not being able to smile as she was diagnosed with a condition called Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis), Gladys was completely healed! The Lord restored sensation to her upper and lower jaw on the left side of her face. As she was not able to smile until she was healed, she approached one of the Revive Nations’ team members and asked: “Do I look beautiful now?” It was truly touching to see her beautiful smile!

– Ahmed came to the meeting suffering from depression, anxiety and stress. After hearing the Word of God ministered, God so lifted his spirit and has given him such a boost of self-esteem! He was all smiles as he testified of the mighty deliverance that he experienced.

– Ashley’s toes were bent from birth, and during the meeting, her toes began to uncurl and the bones straightened out! She can now move her toes freely and there is no more pain!

– Helen was suffering from excruciating pain due to hemorrhoids and it did not get better after surgery. She is now free from all pain! While she was testifying, Rev. Shyju asked her family to come to the platform and prayed for them. The power of God fell upon them and they were delivered from a generational curse. During this time, Helen’s mother, Marilyn was healed of carpal tunnel syndrome in her wrist. A family restored!

– Essa, a young boy, had an accident while playing soccer and hurt his left leg. During the meeting, the lower part of his leg became straight and now there are no more cracking noises that he used to hear before. He is completely healed!

– Arul had bleeding in her eyes and was even at the emergency to see the doctor the night before the meeting. Rev. Shyju declared that eyes were being healed, and now she is now able to see clearly without any issues in her eyes!

– Meldoies had so much pain in her left shoulder that she could not lift her arm at all. She is now completely healed and can even swing her arm around as if she were pitching at a baseball game!

– Jackie was unable to bend her right knee due to severe pain. A month before the meeting, her doctor had diagnosed her condition as arthritis. She is now able to climb the stairs and is free of pain!

– Sadaf had pain in his entire lower back and shoulders due to an accident. Now, all the pain is gone and she can bend without any pain!- Erika was diagnosed with coronary heart disease and constantly felt pressure in her chest from angina due to inadequate blood flow. Her chest area now feels clear and she does not have pressure there anymore!

– Pauleen had pain in her shoulder after injuring herself when a train she rode in came to an abrupt stop. She no longer feels any pain and is now able to move her arm freely!

– Vidhorrdh suffered from asthma and had difficulty breathing. He is now able to breathe freely!

– Thilini used to dance before God, but she wrecked her knee so she had to stop. An x-ray showed that the joint in her knee was twisted. Now, she has no more pain and is able to run up and down the stairs!

– Kelly had a spinal curvature. She felt heat on her back and her spine has been straightened to the proper position!

– Mignon had pain in her right wrist for 12 years. She is now completely pain-free!

– Rowena had a car accident seven years ago that left her in pain all over her body. She is now able to bend and move about without any pain!

– Beryl could not see properly. She felt a cloud being lifted from her eyes, and now she can see clearly!

– Ruth had pain in her shoulders and could not even carry her backpack. Now, she is pain-free!

– Georgy had a blocked nose and the doctor said that he could only have surgery done in a few more years at the age of 22. Now, the block has completely cleared from his nose and he can breathe freely!

– Beverly is totally healed of migraine headaches and vision problems!

– Juliette was healed of a skin disorder, and also experienced an inner healing!

– Elizabeth struggled with hurt feelings from her past and had migraines since she was little. She received healing from all the inner pain and the pressure she was feeling in her head is completely gone!

– Ania had seven years of back pain following a serious accident. Now she has no more pain in her back!

– Melanie had constant pain in both her ears and suffered from ear infection. She is now healed in both her ears and no longer feels any pain!

– Fiona was suffering from a skin disorder that caused severe itchiness around her eyebrows and neck. She no longer has any itchiness at all!

– Joyci had constant pain from her head to her neck for one year. Now, all of the pain is completely gone!

– Jackie was a jogger, but could not bend her knees due to severe pain. The power of God came on her, and she is able to bend her knees without any difficulty.

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