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Hello there! Here is a sneak peak into my life..

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,

and thousands of years later I was born on that planet.

It was January 17th 1986, in a rugged region of Kerala, India.

They named me, Shyju Mathew.

While I was only 6months my parents moved to Bangalore, a city south of India in search of employment.

My father was a technician and mom worked as a nurse.

My childhood was not easy. I was mostly alone in school. For some reason, kids around me didn’t seem to understand me and they seemed to enjoy bullying me and I learnt to be a fast runner as soon as the school bell rang.

In those days caning was encouraged to help students focus on studies. However, all those punishments didn’t seem to help me like my books any further. I somehow made it out…

We had other issues at home too.. My father was unwell. It was not easy to pay the school fees. I didn’t understand why mama cried so much while she prayed. My little mind couldn’t wrap around it all.

Then, when I was about four years old, God gave me a sister. We fought often but loved each other dearly too.

Meanwhile, I found solace in God.

I was very drawn to the things of God.

I watched how God moved at our church in Bangalore.

My mother encouraged me to pray daily.

My dad was the silent supporter.

I began to see visions and hear God’s voice in my heart. I shared it with mom.

It helped further that the church we attended was one that was on fire for God. These gifts were encouraged without being quenched under the leadership of my senior Pastor, Rev. M. A. Varughese.

At the age of seven, I got a chance to preach when the scheduled preacher didn’t arrive. That continued every week since.

Then by age eleven, opportunities to travel and preach outside my state came. I embraced it wholeheartedly. I barely missed my parents and home. I thank God that they trusted God’s call on my life enough to release me at that young age.

By 17, I published my first book and began travelling for ministry outside India. My first trip was to Dubai, Bahrain and Qatar for four months. For the first week, no one invited me to preach. I called a dozen pastors but none got back. I guess it was obvious since they didn’t know me anyway.

Then the family I was staying with took me to their cell-group meeting they were attending. God miraculously healed someone of their back pain while I prayed. And then the next four months in the Middle East, I barely got to rest.

Meanwhile, I finished my schooling. In one of the meetings, I met a man who was on fire for God, Dr. Sam Abraham. He offered me scholarship to study in his University. God ordained those years in a way that I also served as the Chaplain(Campus-Pastor) of Kodaikanal Christian College. At the end of the three years, I graduated Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a heart still burning for God.

As ministry increased, my love for God did too, and so did all the works of the enemy. It has never been a smooth sailing ship. I’ve always had my own set of challenges, temptations, disappointments, failures, right alongside the great things that God was doing in my life.

As it is in life, some disappointments came from people around and some others I brought upon myself from unexpected corners of life. And instead of regrets, I want to thank God for everything. Because I wouldn’t be me if I go back and erase them.

In short, I am no super-hero saving the world.

There’s only one super star and that’s Jesus and we are His servants.

“All I am is His grace, and I am nothing without Him”

While visiting Bangalore from my studies in Kodaikanal, I met a humble and beautiful woman. Tiny Mathew was then pursuing her studies in Bangalore. The Lord blessed her with an encounter with Jesus that led her to give her life to Jesus.

After she returned to Kuwait, God continued to speak and confirm in both our hearts regarding our future together. 

It was a new chapter both in my life and ministry…one that I am much grateful to God for.

Then on April 7th 2010, with the blessing of God and our parents, Tiny and I were married. Tiny quickly and actively joined my journey with the Lord. She is also a profound woman at heart, blesses my spirit with her meekness and is a blessing to many more with her calling. Visit, www.TinySm.com

And together on 3rd March 2012, God blessed us with a beautiful baby daughter, Kathryn Mathew.

We can’t thank God enough for giving us a baby girl. She fills our home with laughter and joy.

After about twenty years of preaching and travelling to about 16 countries and many more cities, a decade old prophecy came to pass in July 2013. I was to be a youth Pastor for a season in another land outside India.

“A land of snow.”

Responding to a call, we packed our bags in faith and moved to Montreal, Canada.

I then Pastored the young adults group of Emmanuel Pentecostal Church.

I enjoyed my work with the young adults for a year and half before God maneuvered us into another unexpected direction!


The church that I was pastoring for the youth was now looking for a Senior Pastor. To make a long story short, I responded to the call of God and accepted the Pastoral role. Just the same God who had been guiding our paths in unique ways thus far, was continuing to direct us into this new challenge, especially the joy of shepherding the Master’s sheep.

– Read the full story here.


ShyjuI continue to travel and minister with Revive Nations, as God allows within my pastoral role.

From January 2014, we host Ablaze Canada, a monthly conference hosted on the first Saturday of every month. It’s focused on reaching out to all the churches in Montreal and Canada More about it here.

Revival and nations has been the core call of our ministry. Find out more about our five core purposes here.

  •   See Revive India Video here.rn india


…yep, that’s where we’re at. Wow! You made it all the way down here.

It would be really cool if you join us on this journey with Jesus.

Thank you for your precious time.

~ Shyju Mathew

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