RN Kids TV – Creating a FUN Place To Grow in the Online World

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March 25, 2021

Revive Kids

RN Kids TV – Creating a FUN Place To Grow in the Online World

by | Mar 25, 2021 | RN Kids

Revive Nation is pleased to celebrate our 30th episode of Revive Nations Kids, a new children’s ministry channel geared to young children and their families, developed in Montreal, Canada under the leadership of Prophet Tiny Mathew. To celebrate, RN Kids interviewed a few team members to hear their heart for this online ministry, hosted by Revive Nations, launched weekly since August 2020:

Q:  Prophet Tiny, as Overseer of Children Ministry at RN, what do you feel parents should know about Revive Nations Kids?

A: We want to thank God for this platform that is specially committed to bringing our children up to speed in the things of God. We want it to be a place of revival where the children study and learn principles about the Bible in a fun manner. Especially in today’s world, where there is plenty of distractions, RN Kids on RN TV is a great resource for our children, building their foundations and encouraging kids to develop a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus.

Q: Pastor Sarah, what surprised you when you joined production at Revive Nations Kids?

A: It has been privilege to be a part of something as beautiful as RN Kids. I am grateful that my spiritual parents, Prophets’ Shyju and Tiny Mathew trusted me to join this amazing team, making history for Jesus. I had been preparing to write a blog for RN Kids, when to my surprise this blog turned into me being in front of the camera, to record RN Kids! 😂 God had different plans for me. I am amazed how we are able to produce an episode every single week. God’s favour and grace has enabled us to do what I never thought possible. Such a blessing!

Q: Francesco, what is your favourite part of Revive Nations Kids and how do you prepare for all those puppets you animate (Timothy, Gramps, Pepe, Carlos, Guido, Oscar, Gameshow Guy and Matt)? 

A: I love bringing the puppets to life! Since my childhood, I have always tapped into my imagination, often creating characters and scenarios during times of play. The characters and voices I make on RN Kids brings me great joy and I find I can play each role with ease. I love being able to tap into the creativity God gave me and use it for His Kingdom!

Q: Sophia, what is the biggest learning curve you have overcome in producing this online tv show for kids?

A: Hello families! I’m really grateful for this opportunity to serve God in such a joyful way. The biggest learning curve to overcome was understanding how to lead a team, and then delegating the many responsibilities of film production. I’m so blessed to have this exposure and be apart of this wonderful crew.

Q: Vanessa, you lead Worship for Revive Nations and currently, you also play Ayesha on Revive Nations Kids. What do you love about this role? What attracted you to join this team? 

A: As a child, I enjoyed puppet ministry in church, and still remember learning many biblical lessons, looking forward to seeing the puppets each week, so to be involved in Revive Nations Kids ministry is a dream come true! What I love most about being Ayesha, is that I get to be creative in a playful way. Doing the child voice over is so much fun! Ayesha is confident, sassy, loves Jesus, and she’s secure in her royal identity in Christ. This makes every scene fun to do, to be childlike, allows me to release my inner princess and then teach other kids around the world, to do the same through King Jesus!

Q: Victoria, why do you love dancing on RN Kids? 

A: I  love dancing in RN Kids because that way, I can show kids that we can dance to worship God. In the Revive Nations Kids episodes, every move follows the lyrics of the songs, so kids learn while having fun and can reproduce what they have learned in their free time or when it comes to worship God with their family!

Q: Pastor Steve, why is reaching children around the globe for Christ so important to Revive Nations? 

A: Since the beginning, the enemy has fought to corrupt the seed of man. Our children are like clean-slated sponges, observing and absorbing everything around them. They are sensitive, learn quick and experience more without limitations. As a commandment from the Lord to teach and instruct our children in His ways, we want our children to know about God, with the fervent hope, that our children know their God.

Jesus said “Go and make disciples of all nations” Matt. 28:19. We want our children to have a personal unbroken walk with Jesus, to daily they encounter, carry and dwell in the Presence of God. We believe it is through our kids that God will manifest Himself in schools, on the playgrounds, and in the shopping malls. We believe they are called to carry the spirit of revival in a way the world has not yet seen, calling hearts to turn to God, to prepare for King Jesus’ return.

Parents, if you haven’t had a chance to watch Revive Nations Kids, head to Youtube and subscribe to our channel.  Enjoy episodes such as the Armour of God, Seeking the Lord,  Forgiveness and Running after God.  May this ministry strengthen every home, and may revival catch fire across the nations through our families, to God’s Glory!

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