10 Commandments for Go-getters

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

August 5, 2010

What we terribly miss in our churches are people who are go-getters. We have plenty of people who laze around and plenty of people who are all about themselves. But there are some of them who are genuine folks who really want to see the Kingdom of God blessed.

They are waiting to see things happen; they are the ones that are excited about that one soul which got saved. You will see them in church much earlier before the service begins and they are mostly the last to leave. They have a mighty passion for Jesus that makes them go all out!

But, being in the ministry for 17 long years, I have also seen few of those genuine people get greatly disappointed.

Here are few things that you need to keep in mind when you are excited for the Kingdom of God. I’ll try to keep it short and direct!

1. Do Not Ignore Your Family

Sadly, one of the greatest mistakes you can make is to keep your ministry above your family. That is why, we have so many divorces among leaders and we see pastor’s kids who hate ministry because they missed a father’s role over their life. Giving time to ministry does not mean you take away their space, time or even ‘money’.

2. Do Not Expect an Overnight Building

Foundation is so important. We like things happening overnight but it is important to see that we grow in God’s maturity before we see everything around us being impacted.

So many a times, we begin to try to accomplish things with the power of people around you. If they are not ready and you are not ready, all that might just collapse when the pressure comes. Start with you! You can’t carry into your future those who do not have the same vision and passion as you. They turn into painful baggage which you carry along. To borrow a phrase from Bishop T. D. Jake, he would say, “Don’t carry the turkey to your banquet.”

3. Do Not Forget Leaders

No matter how hard it is to find real leaders today, I believe there is still someone that God can lead you to that will speak into your life. Pray till you find them! We live in a hard time where the real fathers are missing. It is either their way or no way.

I’ve seen this struggle in relationships develop in two kinds when the enemy infiltrates the camp; either the father or your leader will not understand your vision or you will walk out.

Now, it is one thing when you move on like young David in the Bible when Saul wanted to kill him and it is another to be a rebel like Absalom and cause division. It is important that you know that the seed you sow is of what you will reap in your ministry. Sow patience, honour and humility, even when people don’t see it. You need to do your part. God will lead you further into His great call.

4. Do Not Forget Waiting

WAITING in the Bible is spelled as PREPARING. It does not mean delay. God loves you too much to give you something into your hands before you are ready. All you will do is mess it up. Now, there are the ones who do it anyway and later make a public spectacle of themselves.

One of the most difficult things a go-getter goes through is the period of waiting. Now remember, even our Lord Jesus had the patience to wait till he turned 30. (Read more on strategic plans of God through WAITING from my first book which I’ll send you when you partner with us for free here)

5. Do Not Forget Praying

Now no matter how smart you are or how many ideas you got and how much you know, without prayer all of it is man-made Babel towers. There is no God in it. Don’t let your passion blind you from seeing the importance of praying.

6. Seek Counsel With All Your Heart

We all need counsel. Not one is a know-it-all and we all make mistakes. Proverbs 15:22 says, “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.” Now that does not mean you have everyone give you advice. Remember, choose your counsellors carefully and choose your mentor even more carefully. Let God orchestrate them into your life.

7. Count Others Significant

Trouble brews when you think that you are the only go-getter. Philippians 2:3 is self explanatory when it says, “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” (emphasis added)

8. Continue Guarding Yourself

Now as success sets in, we tend to lower our guard. The more zealous we are, chances are the faster we get burnt out. Therefore, we must guard ourselves even more ferociously. I have noticed that the enemy tries to infiltrate while in disappointment and after success. Find out what are the areas of your weakness and set your guards strong.

9. Get a Cookie

In other words, breathe! Don’t get so spiritual that you forget that you are in the natural and you are made up of flesh and blood. Take a break with friends. Find time to laugh. God is not upset when His children smile. Take a mixture of chill and relax = Chillax!

10. Trust God Alone

One thing I share with those I mentor is that, “Promotion comes from God.” Be on guard. Be prepared. Let God do the rest. Pursuing man is a way to dig a grave of disappointment. There is no greater way than the way that God opens for you.
My wife, Tiny recently shared a verse with me that I have been holding close to my heart. I will leave you with this.

Psalms 37: 5
Commit your way to the LORD;
trust in him,
and he will act.

P.S.: Are you a go-getter? What have you learnt?


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