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Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

April 9, 2012

The youth today earn more in a month than what some people earned in a year, two decades ago.

Everyone is an active participant in that rat race for new jobs, higher promotions and a fatter salary.

The race exists because of consistently increasing better job opportunities with higher salary packages for smarter skills.

The temptation of an outlandish offer and pressure to perform or the ludicrous threat of being expelled has become poisonous fuel in the minds of the youth today.

Using the pressure to perform as a whip and the luxury of life as bait, the youth today are coerced to work as slaves in the modern world of freedom.

The best of your strength will be sold to the glass buildings and the most creative ideas will belong to the corners of plywood cubicles in the workstations.

And sooner than we think, the young will be young no more.

Flog yourself, work overtime and you can get more money.

Work like mad, you can get a new job.

With it, your new apartment, cars and yea, higher loans will be yours, too. The problem with the race to the busyness of life is that you might win.

However, you can never get more time. And what makes it scarier is that you never truly know how much of that time you have left.

My plea to the youth of today is simple, don’t let fear and insecurity of tomorrow drive you like a madman down this never ending spiral stairs of work life.

Defend your time. It is your greatest asset. Say no to overtime.

Don’t be pressured to perform beyond your allotted time. Enjoy your life, family and most of all God.

And I shouldn’t have to tell, but … Give the best of your youth to God.

It won’t happen if you will wait till next month, after next promotion or marriage.

Start today. It’s now or never.

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