Breaking the Witchcraft Spell of Words

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

April 29, 2023

Words are used very casually. these days. In the same breathe that we say we love pizza, we might affirm we love our spouse and passionately declare we love the Lord!

Further, with our familiar use of words, we might miss the fact that words are the entry point for everything that happens in the spiritual realm. In the beginning, God said.

Both the Kingdom of God and darkness use words. For our survival, it is essential we do not underestimate the power of words spoken by ourselves, by others, and especially, by our God.

Certainly, words can have great impact on our identity and our future, both for good or for evil. The words we speak about ourselves or others can limit or propel our life.  Yet the superior words spoken by a loving father can be the very words of God. These words, framed in the heart of God and released through mouth of a father, can eradicate many crafted words spoken against us by the angry, the jealous, the carnal, and truly propel us to our destiny!

Truly, a greater word from a superior Source can demolish the witchcraft spell of words.

David Clung to His Father’s Word

Take David as a great example. In Samuel 17, David’s daily was keeping the sheep. All of a sudden, David was called home by his father, Jesse, who sent his youngest to the battlefield, armed with bread, even while Goliath roared daily, defying the armies of the God of Israel.

Armed with his father’s instructions, David arrived at the battlefront. David did not ask how big the giant was, or how many days Goliath had been challenging Israel. Instead, David asked what the prize would be for the person who could take down this giant!

David was on a mission and sent by his father. The words of his brothers could not hold him back from his destiny, for he had the greater word! Armed with his Papa’s instructions, David refused the label of his king that he was too young and inexperienced, and instead, kept a steady pursuit on his assignment, until he had slayed the giant as his father had commanded.

Enjoy this amazing Word, Breaking Witchcraft Spells of Words and unlock your breakthrough today!

May the giants of our nations be slain, as the Word of God propels those who would hear the greater word!