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Escape Temptation and Hear His Voice!

Have you ever moved countries, changed jobs, or switched to a new program in school? Change is tough for most people! But as you hear God’s voice, and move when God moves, when you walk only by faith in the God you follow, your enemies will become God’s enemies. Your problems will become God’s problems.

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5 Keys to Hover Like the Holy Spirit Series – Part 2/5: Mind Your Mind

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series 5 Keys to Hover like the Holy Spirit Series

All of humanity, every single one of us, find our beginnings in the first man, Adam, who was formed with only two ingredients: dirt and God’s All-powerful, Life-Giving Breath. Did you know, the moment a child of God is regenerated, their spirit comes alive, just as Adam’s did on that sixth day of creation?

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5 Keys to Hover like the Holy Spirit Series – Part 1/5: Know Your Beginnings

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series 5 Keys to Hover like the Holy Spirit Series

What do you hover over? What are you thinking about or stressing about or dreaming about? Are you hovering over with fear or with faith? With prayer or with worry? I want to share with you how you can effectively hover like the Wind of God, and operate as a Force in the Kingdom of God. Beloved, that is your destiny!

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  • Passion, vision, being driven.. Growing up I didn’t have too many opportunities to explore, so the extent of my adventures were limited to school and church. Outside that, I didn’t really find much passion until I discovered this opportunity to create on and behind camera; and the options are needless to say, endless. To capture moments with multifaceted objectivity and the ability to use them to connect with other humans by the power of retelling a story, & allowing the tale to twist & sway by creating its own visual all too deeply profound. All this to say today my 100th vlog is up! If you care to watch the link is in the bio. Thank you to all our subscribers. Take care of yourself in this perilous times, HE is still faithful. 🦋✌🏽

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