Decoding Daniel’s Times and Seasons: Keys for Rapture Readiness

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

February 26, 2024

In this Year of Governance, we are to rule and reign. This year, the remnant of the Church must learn the manner of kings….

Before the Rapture, how are we to live? 

Should we run and hide?  Should we just sit and wait?

In this year of darkness for the world, Christ is the Light.  Yet Jesus says, we are the Light of the World. Therefore, our light must shine because Christ lives inside of us. (see Mathew 5:14, Philippians 2:15).

To prepare for the end times, Daniel’s prophecy is an excellent place to start. Click here for Daniel’s Secret: Decoding the Timeline of the End.

Daniel, this beloved of the Lord, being in exile, cried to the Lord, repenting for the sins of his people, confessing his sins, to the point where he asks God, why are we still in exile? Give me understanding Lord!

You don’t need to go on suffering in your family, in your house. You can break the suffering that is in your family. Attract Heaven’s attention to discontinue the bondage of your family.  Like Daniel, do what is needed to provoke Heaven.

Daniel fasted and prayed for 21 days.  Daniel 9: 2-3 I, Daniel, l understood by books the number of the years, whereof the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.  And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes.

Daniel set himself to seek the Lord. Daniel had the patience to stay in the Presence of God for 21 days. Although the angel Gabriel left Heaven on Day 1, it took 21 days of warfare before Daniel could hear the sound that was released 21 days before. Yet from the time he asked the Lord until the angel arrived with the answer, Daniel stayed before the Lord.

Think about it:
  • If you cry to the Lord, how long do you remain?
  • If you confess your sins, do you stay long enough to know the Lord has forgiven you?
  • Do you linger long enough,  surrendered, to find the favour of the Lord?
  • When you pour out your worship to the Lord, do you wait to hear His response to you?

Stay in the Presence of the Lord until the Word of the Lord arrives to you.

If you have sinned against the Lord, can you confess your sin enough, hate that sin and humble yourself before the Lord, surrender enough to restore favour in your life? There is a need to make an end of our sins in preparation for this soon coming of the Lord.  Have you reconciled yourself to the Lord?  Do you know Him?

Light can give you information.

Dear saint, if you believe in Jesus, you have Jesus inside of you. Through this faith in Christ, the way you receive information is different from Daniel.

Daniel needed the angel to fly into his room to get understanding. Yet, you have the Holy Spirit inside you!

Instead of 21 days for answers, it should take 21 seconds for you, because you have the Lord of understanding within you!

In these end times, there is a critical need for knowledge and understanding. If you humble yourself before the Lord, and wait for His answer, you will surely get far more than you could ask or imagine. (see Psalm 86:11, Mathew 11:28-30)

Correction is an ongoing process.

Have you noticed that the closer you grow with the Lord, the more your sins are before Him? The closer you get to the Light, the Light has a way of showing you every spot, every flaw.  The love of the Lord is evident in your life by the fact that He will not stop wrestling with you. Christ loves the Church by washing us by His Word, making us spotless by the Word.  As His Bride, allow the Lord to perfect you, as He is perfect. (see Matthew 5:48, John 17:23).

Daniel died long before the prophecy was fulfilled. Yet, to the year, every prophecy came to pass, exactly as Daniel had foreseen.

Do not let your faith be mocked. God will fulfill every one of HIs promises!

Like Daniel, God will equip you to decode these times and seasons. Identify those whom God has given to help you. Follow the instructions and prosper as kings and priests unto the Lord.

May we rest in the love of God and pursue His Nearness until each of us reflect the greatness of our God!



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