Tiny People and Their Tiny Knots!

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

November 7, 2008

I vividly remember the picture of Gulliver’s Travel’s in my English textbook from my school days. The story is about a man named Gulliver who was lost in a world of tiny people, and found himself tied down with ropes. Now these little men did not have huge ropes but they certainly had enough tiny ropes to bind this big guy and these tiny people were so small in size that one small breath  from Gulliver’s mouth could blow them away. Yet these same tiny creatures that looked so cute and enticing on the outside were the very ones that had bound the giant!

Have you ever played with threads? There is a possibility that after a while they can get so tangled up, that it’s nearly impossible to straighten them out.

My dear friend, this is the same strategy the midget devil uses against us. The truth is: We are giants in Christ, and the devil is powerless compared to the authority that Christ has put into us. But the devil uses tricks similar to the tiny people in Gulliver’s story to tie us down. He never starts off with a big dart; it’s always tiny desires, tiny flashes, tiny impressions, that negligible glance, the little wink, the insignificant smile, the petty jealousy, the unobtrusive pride, the little curiosity, the little dirty risk.These tiny things have the big potential to pull us down and set us into bondage.

Friends, beware of these tiny knots of the devil. You may start innocently, but before you realize, it can become your major bondage and take you away from your first Love.  This is Holy Spirit’s billboard warning you, before these tiny knots take the better off you, let yourself loose!

What have been the tiny knots in your life that God is reminding you to fix?