Desperate for Your Destiny? Time to Start a New Journey – The Identity Series [Part 3]

Shyju Mathew

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December 12, 2020

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series The Identity Series

We pray you enjoy The Identity series  by Pastor Shyju Mathew, Founder of Revive Nations Ministry.  For Part One [Peace and Mercy], please click here and for Part Two [How to Multiply Grace and Peace], click here. 

In life, there must be a point, where you decide,  that if you can’t see the Hand of God, if you have no evidence of the Lord active in your situation,  then you will not take one more step until God moves!

Remember the Shunammite woman, who was graciously asked by the prophet of God, “What do you need?”

Sadly, her pride spoke louder than her truth, as she responded, “I am happy. I am blessed”.

In truth, this woman had a serious need!  She had no child. Somehow, she had made peace with her barrenness and silenced the need.

Gehazi the servant of Elisha mercifully identified her need or else she may never have experienced the blessing of her son in her arms (2 Kings 4:8-37).

Beloved, pursue the Lord until His Promises are seen. If we make friends with our limitations, we will have them as playmates for all our life.

How desperate are you for your destiny? 

When Hannah travelled to Shiloh, she wept and prayed like nobody else until her prayer was granted: her womb was filled!  Samuel, her son, was so loved by God, that not one of his words dropped to the ground.  The Lord backed him up! ( 1 Samuel 3:19).

Elizabeth, when she became pregnant, cloistered herself with God, guarding this favour with strong intent (Luke 1:5-25), certain of His goodness, and worshipping in response.

Mary surrendered and carried the Christ, despite peril, despite her betrothed’s rejection, despite tough circumstance, unwavering in her faith in Almighty God.

Think about the fruit of these contenders:

Samuel lead the nation of Israel as a great prophet, anointing both Saul and David as Kings of Israel.

John the Baptist heralded and baptized the Christ.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, ushered in salvation for all who believe, through his death and resurrection.

Friend, you must contend for your destiny in God.

Search your heart and spirit and ask these questions:

What is your capacity?
What is your limitation?
How desperate are you for your destiny to be fulfilled?

To hear a powerful word of exhortation, and be catapulted into your destiny, watch this video by RN Founder, Prophet Shyju Mathew, to shift every limitation that is hindering your destiny!

May God bless you!  If you are blessed, share this word and enjoy the shift that is yours in God!

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Watch the video here.

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