40+ Young Leaders On Fire in Our Generation to Pray & Know!


Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

September 1, 2012

Our generation is blessed with much ease and comfort in terms of the resources and technology that we have in hand. However, there is no greater blessing than to live in a generation where God is raising thousands of young people to be in the ministry.


Here on GTH, I once wrote about why the enemy hates young leaders so much. The greatest asset that youngsters have is time. Time to succeed and time to fail; time to rise up and do it better with better results.

I know there are thousands of unnamed, unknown young leaders out there whose heart beats for Jesus and who are working tirelessly to see His kingdom come. In this post, I want to acknowledge and appreciate a few of those thousands.

Mostly in their twenties, of these I know some very personally, some others I have come across in my visit to their city or country. I do not assure that they’ve got it all right however this I assure you that all of them are on fire for God!

Here are those blessed young leaders:

1. Cleophas David – Church Planter, Evangelist – CDM
2. Chethan Henry – Prophet, Church Planter – New Beginnings Church
3. Priji Varghese – Church Planter, Teacher – Harvest Foundations
4. Vijay Belola – Evangelist, Church Planter
5. Hari Rao – Evangelist – Get Ready Ministry
6. Jeevan Kumar – Teacher, Church Planter
7. Arun G. P – Evangelist, Intercessor
8. Leo Arun – Evangelist, Prophet – Leo Ministries
9. Sheldon Bangera – Evangelist, Teacher, Worship Leader – H2O
10. Sammy Thangiah – Evangelist, Church Planter – FGAG
11. Gersson Edinbaro – Evangelist, Worship Leader
12. Jeevan John – Evangelist, Worship Leader – Transit Point
13. Ray William – Teacher, Worship Leader – Face To Face Foundation
14. Ezra Moses – Evangelist, Woship Leader
15. Jonathan Edward – Church Planter, Teacher – The Tabernacle
16. Alwyn Mathew – Evangelist – Downpour Ministries
17. Stanley Thomas – Church Planter, Evangelist – Chosen Generation
18. Finu Iype – Evangelist – Passion to Reach
19. Jaison James – Pastor, Teacher
20. Blessen Varghese – Teacher, Evangelist
21. Earnest Abraham – Church Planter, Teacher
22. Dilip Kurien – Worship Leader
23. Lalinder Thyagaraj – Teacher, Evangelist
24. Faith Immanuel – Worship Leader, Teacher
25. Stephen Samuel – Worship Leader, Teacher
26. Jacob Gibi Mathew – Teacher, Evangelist
27. Arun Cherian – Evangelist
28. Jonathan Chandra – Evangelist, Worship Leader
29. Phinehas Philip – Pastor
30. Ashish Mathew – Evangelist
31. Christopher Alias – Evangelist, Worship Leader
32. Jonathan Catalano – Evangelist, Worship Leader
33. Dilip Thyagaraj – Prophet, Evangelist
34. Kiran Ezekiel – Prophet, Evangelist
35. Bonny Andrews – Teacher, Worship Leader – Live Jam
36. Roy Mathew – Evangelist
37. Samuel Anand – Church Planter
38. Jagadish Kumar – Evangelist – Angels Ministries
39. Joseph Naveen – Evangelist
40. Govind – Evangelist, Deacon
41. Daniel Vogler – Evangelist
42. Emmanuel Apiafi – Evangelist
43. Naveen Karunanidhi – Evangelist, Church Planter – Naveen Ministries
44. Joshua Singh – Evangelist
45. Dennis Mendez , Church planter
46. Christian Colon, Church Planter, Prophet

I have a feeling I have missed someone in trying to remember all the names for this post. I have done my best to cover all of them that came to my mind. I am also sure this list is endless.

Can you take a sec to pray for these mighty warriors and bless them/their ministries in whichever way you can!

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