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Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

May 15, 2012

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To all who are listening.

I understand that it’s sometimes scary to invest and trust in us young leaders.

We can be overtly passionate, pumped up with adrenaline, crazily bold, act often without pondering, occasionally making dramatic mistakes and daringly persistent!

What alternative would you like us to take to failure? Is it better to do nothing?

Failures that don’t kill us make us stronger.

It shows us one more way that we should avoid. Life lessons are learned here. 

And this might be the very reason why the devil hates a young leader. Adding to the fear is the fact that time is on our side (even though temporarily), we seem to comparatively have more time to make mistakes, learn & grow up stronger and greater!

But stronger does not always necessarily mean NOT being bitter – if not for the healing, loving touch of those that have stood with us in our very weak times.

Sometimes it may seem like we are too busy and excited with our own objectives to thank you. But believe me, we are grateful, deep down in our heart.

If you do not feel so please bear with us, for time will teach us to be grateful for every little thing in our life.

Step by step, we are learning. We do not expect you to celebrate us but simply asking for your support.

Thank you to all those believers who have stood with any young leader across the globe.
Thank you especially to the actual spiritual fathers that exist today.

You have ignored those who warned you about us and stood by us anyway.  
We are grateful for every risk you took for us.

May we learn from you to be secure, loving & risk taking spiritual fathers & mothers to our generation.

When all is said & done, let us pray that the name of our Lord Jesus be lifted up in our cities and nations. May one more soul be rescued from hell. And may God be proud of His children and smile from heaven.

The Young Ministers of the Gospel!


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