Before you give them a title…

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

January 6, 2017

Indeed, titles are necessary to define boundaries within the church, in personal relationships and in the world around us. They make life manageable and comprehensible. Yet there is a danger within them.
As soon as someone gains a title much more is expected of them, therefore added pressure to perform sets in and the risk of becoming prideful increases.

There are positions that require titles in the ministry or church, therefore be careful about giving someone that responsibility without their heart being ready.

Give someone a title they aren’t ready for and the whole operation becomes compromised.

Here are a few ways this can manifest:

– The person may feel overwhelmed by the title and begin to strive to accomplish more due to the added pressure; thereby producing sub-par results.

– The person can grow comfortable and familiar with the task thereby not reflecting on methods of improvement nor pushing boundaries to enhance the work being done.

– The person can become controlling, begin to micro & macro-manage without pausing for critique or input from leaders and workers alike.

– Pride sets in and causes a person to think greater of themselves and less of others, causing condescension and entitlement.

To avoid this it is often more effective to keep people invested without a title until the person proves themselves in the position. When they have succeeded in that and show you that they will remain teachable, then empower them with a title.

Those who genuinely desire to serve, with passion and commitment will serve with excellence despite title or position. They are those who due to their humility and consistency God will promote and establish Himself. Until then teach them through it – without a title.

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