Deeply Saddened and New Plans

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

May 26, 2013

After more than 3 and a 1/2 years of consistent blogging, I am deeply saddened that for the first time, I missed posting today’s post. I have been finding it hard to maintain the previous blog posting schedule due to our expanding web ministry.


New Plans:

To avoid being inconsistent, I will be cutting down from posting twice a week to once a week going forward on Guarding the Heart. This will help me concentrate on all the other sites in an equal measure. At the moment, we manage about a dozen sites – all under Revive Nations.

Here is a list of sites that might be resourceful to you:

Jesus Kids – If you have kids or plan to have kids in the next 3 decades, this is a blog you want to subscribe to 😉 (I am going to be focusing on posting on this more often.)

Guarding the Heart – (Once a Week posting) If you are new on GTH, visit our Archives section here; and you are bound to find something that will bless you.

Notes of Life – Tiny Mathew’s blog has a new address and a new landing page. Incidentally(?!) this happens to be more popular than my GTH posts. 🙂 Go subscribe there now. Visit

Revive Nations French – (Weekly updated) Know someone that knows French? share these sites with them.

Official Website: Raviver les nations

Blog: Gardez Le Cœur

Facebook: Raviver les nations

Twitter: Raviver les nations

Revive Nations Spanish – (Weekly updated) Know someone that remotely knows Spanish? Share this site with them.

Official website: Revive Las Naciones

Blog: Guarda Tu Corazón

Facebook: Revive Las Naciones

Twitter: Revive Las Naciones

Ask! – Your forum for questions, answers and discussions. You will be required to be able to sign up to join the discussions. I am looking forward to be more active on this forum in the days to come. Jump in. Go here.instagram


It’s not the traditional kind of blog, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Turn the blue button green here.

New Plans Ahead

Mandarin Blog: Our long-awaited Chinese website is in the process of making right now as you read this. Kindly keep this in your prayers.

Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi & other Indian languages: We are looking for translators who can be committed to work with Revive Nations and have former experience in translating. Kindly get in touch with us here.

Pastors and Leaders: We would be pulling out all our previous blog posts for leaders together in one place. We are still working on the technicalities of the same.

Revive Articles: Do check out our new Revive Nations site, and in the months to come, I would like to start covering on Revival topic in particular.

Our other social networking sites are: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Let me know what your thoughts are? Got new ideas? Suggestions? Drop in a word. I’d love to read them.