Revive Nations Latest Video Updates August 2014

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

August 9, 2014

Hello Precious GTH readers,

I just got back from wonderful meetings in Switzerland. Thank you for all your prayers. If you have not already, you can follow Revive Nations’ ministry updates by becoming a partner for free here or like my Facebook page here.

Today I want to share with you some of our recent video resources that are available on YouTube. If you want us to immediately notify you every time we upload a new video, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

Pray with Pastor Shyju – Destroying the Tumours That Abort the Destiny!

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Join me in praying together against all the works of the enemy in your life.

God: Why are You Crying? March Forward! – Pastor Shyju Mathew

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A very strong word to the children of God to move forward irrespective of how terrible your circumstances looks like.

What Do You Carry Inside You? -Pastor Shyju Mathew

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What you carry is what you bring forth (Taking a cue from the life of Mary). What will people encounter when they meet you? Take a look into your life today.

Why Holy Spirit is Quenched in Churches Today – Pastor Shyju Mathew

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Some may call it discernment, but sadly without much discernment church going Christians use their words to point finger at the things in the church that they don’t understand. Click on the link above to see more on it.

Ministry is an Overflow of Loving Jesus – Pastor Shyju Mathew

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You cannot study ministry. It has to overflow.

Pastor Shyju Mathew Answers Questions Put Across by a Group of Youngsters from India

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A video interview done for a youth group in Mumbai, India. To skip to the questions, go here and click on the time stamp in the caption of the video.

Focus On Your Purpose Not The Need – Pastor Shyju Mathew

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Avoid burnouts in ministry. The ministry of Jesus was not fuelled by the need but the purpose for which the Father had sent Him for.

The Body Punch of the Church – Together, STRONGER!

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Our ministry friend Evng. Jethro August shares an illustration of the body punch of the Church.

The Direction of the Holy Spirit in Our Lives

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Living a spirit led life.

If you get blessed, don’t forget to share these with your family and friends. After all to share is to care! Also, if you want us to address any pressing issue or topic through our video channel, or if you have any ideas for our video ministry, do feel free to leave a comment for us on your favourite social media platform here on Facebook and Twitter.
God bless you!