There is no leaders without critics. Growing as a leader aso requires growing a thick skin. To be able to receive all incoming opinions without caving in under them. 

As leaders we still need to hold on to our perspective, the greater vision, the larger picture. When about to make a decision, seek those around you to give you their feedback. 

This process requires that they are not “yes men”, but people who will respectfully give you feedback to make the right decision irrespective of human conclusions. 

Feedback should not stop us from making our decisions, but can inform them. They can tell you the risks involved, and you can consider the options they present. Yet, at the end of the day it is still your call to take.

Their feedback don’t necessarily mean we avoid the risks. It just means that we now get to make informed decisions. 

As a leader, this also then means that we take responsability of our failures.