How to Go From Deep to Deeper to Deepest

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

June 26, 2018

Psalm 78: 15-16
He split rocks in the wilderness and gave them drink abundantly as from the deep.
He made streams come out of the rock and caused waters to flow down like rivers. ESV

Have you ever gone to the beach on a super hot day?  If you have ever lingered too long on the sand, then you know, there is only one solution: to head out into that water and cool off. The problem is, on high index days, the water at the edge of the shore is hotter than your bathtub.  The water hip deep may be a bit cooler. But true relief comes when you plunge in over your head, diving down to the cool, deep, waters, a most wonderful sanctuary on a scorching summer day. There, refreshment saturates you.  Long after a long dive in the cool depths of the lake or ocean, you remain cooled.  What sweet relief!The Lord gives many levels of grace, described here in the Word as streams, rivers and the deep.  The deep is a place where water is in abundance, the source of springs. The rivers are plentiful places, full of blessings, with focus, direction and assignment.  Rivers divide further and flow into smaller streams, where water still flows.

In some places, you may only see streams. In other places, you might stand amazed by the roar of a mighty river, which downstream, divide into smaller streams, and finer brooks, then, puddles or even tiny droplets.

Christian life just starts with salvation. Our faith is a lifelong journey,  a thirsty pursuit of God’s increasing grace.

We must flee the place where we are lukewarm, familiar with God, or happy enough to have enough water to quench our thirst,  when, as His children, we are designed for the deep oceans of God.

God longs for a people who will thirst for Him, moving from finding those droplets to His streams to His rivers to finding the Deep of our God.

In order to find the deep, first, you must find the river.  Yet in order to find the river, you must find the stream.  Still, to find the stream, you must desire more than a few droplets that may quench your thirst.

The pursuit begins with desire. Paul says, “Earnestly desire the gifts” 1 Cor. 12:31. Desire is a wish in your heart but earnest desire is a deep longing in your heart, a desire that will not quit.

Ask, seek and knock are three stages of a Christian’s pursuit of God. Asking is the first step. The second step is seeking, but don’t stop with just seeking.  You have to start knocking.Ask is where your desire is. Lord, I long to know you.  Thank you for these droplets, but I long for more, for Your streams…

To seek, you must discover how to unlock the more in God:
Consider: what do I need to do to touch the heart of God?
Reflect on the journey from the droplet to the stream.
Look for the keys to keep moving forward.
Ask the Lord: what do I need to keep pursuing and what must I stop doing?

Every believer who has made history are ones who moved from asking to seeking to knocking on heaven’s doors.

Knocking is not the same as seeking.  Knocking is the heart pursuit, the thirsty revival within, where beyond blessings, we now long just to know the living God, our Father, His Son, Our Saviour and be led fully by the Holy Spirit.

Beloved, knock on heaven’s doors until you move the Heart of God!

To move from droplet Christianity, to the streams of God to His river and from the river, to the deep, every believer must move from asking to seeking to knocking. For the sake of our world, we cannot stop until we jump into the deep together.

The deep of God is past understanding, beyond our control, from God and for God. Here, heaven is opened to the hungry, the earnest, the desperate.

From droplet to streams to river to the deep is a journey, which begins with earnest desire for His more, for His great glory! Beloved, the world needs an army of thirsty Christians who will not quit in their pursuit of His more!  Will you enlist?

May we earnestly seek the Lord as we move from deep to deeper to deepest!